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3 Must-Order Dishes at Hampton + Hudson in Inman Park, Atlanta

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The most lively spot is the bar where cocktails are slung and televisions blare sports. It’s super loud, but thankfully they have a terrific patio and a small room with four round tables for dinner that keep the noise level at a more respectable level.

Steak Tartare tacos at Hampton + Hudson

Besides having  rotating list of beers on draft, there’s a well crafted selection of wines and cocktails too. When I visited Hampton + Hudson, they were featuring a Whiskey cocktail for just $5. If you want one of the specialty cocktails you’ll need to get there early enough, because as the ingredients are fresh, if they run out of them, which they did when I visited, they stop making the cocktail.

Start your meal off with an order of the Chicken Biscuit Sliders. They are little, but there’s a lot going on in these biscuits. The biscuits themselves have cheddar and herbs, plus there’s bread and butter pickles and a dash of hot sauce. Hampton + Hudson serves these in a grouping of three, so you’ll have to argue over who gets the third one.

You’ll definitely want to get the Steak Tartare tacos at Hampton + Hudson. The shell is no wimpy tortilla. It’s a sturdy potato chip shell. Why has no one ever thought of this before? And these are 100 percent full of tartare. No filler toppings, which makes them a very filling sharable plate. Again, it’s served as a trio, so you’ll have to fight over this one too. Or just order two.

Another dish you must get is the Low Country Shrimp. Because of the description of a “baguette” I just

Low Country Shrimp from Hampton + Hudson

assumed it was a twist on a Po Boy, with a New Orleans bbq sauce. But no. It’s a dish with shrimp in a delectable sauce. I’m not sure what is in this highly addictive sauce, but you’ll wish they gave you more bread to sop up all that juice. And Hampton + Hudson is pretty generous with the shrimp in this dish as well.

We also sampled the Octopus Salad with Arugula and Hearts of Palm. This was the one dish at Hampton + Hudson that fell flat for me. It just didn’t have the pizzaz of the other plates.

The menu has various sections including “Snacks and Shares”, “Salads”, “Toasts”and the average price is just over $11 for items in these categories. So, a belly filling meal from Hampton + Hudson need not cost an arm and a leg.

Note that parking for Inman Quarter is not validated by restaurants. It wasn’t much, just $4 for the 1.5 hours I was at Hampton + Hudson. Though it would be nice if they did offer parking validation.

Disclosure: My meal at Hampton + Hudson was complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own.