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5Church Now Has Brunch Service

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It’s often been said that brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast. I couldn’t agree more. 5Church has recently added brunch service to their offering. Upon entering the restaurant via the front entrance on Peachtree, you’ll see a fancy cart on display during brunch hours with all kinds of interesting items to customize your bloody mary.

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Brunch at 5Church starts with house made doughnut balls. See them at the top of the post. The salty bacon bits pair nicely with the sweet dough balls. I wanted to have the third one, but knew it’d ruin my brunch so I mustered my willpower and pushed the plate away after just one.

Blood Mary cat at 5Church

It took quite a while to get my bloody mary, which was surprising since it was something they tout. It tasted average, and I wish I’d seen the cart to customize it, but I didn’t see it until I was leaving, and our server didn’t mention it. So I opted for a beer instead.

Crab Cake Benedict at 5Church

My eye immediately caught the Crab Cakes & Poached Eggs. Crab cakes my go to brunch choice if I ever see them a menu, but my hubs beat me to it. So, I “settled” for the lamb burger. The crab, as you can see in the picture above is lump crab with hardly any filler. You can’t see it above, but there’s some toast on the bottom, just enough to give you carbs you need.

5Church Lamb Burger

Though I walked into brunch craving something egg-centric, I didn’t regret my lamb burger choice one bit. It’s served with the tastiest fried too! 5Church recommends the burger medium and I didn’t argue with that. Though I did ask then to omit the gorgonzola fondue. The red onion marmalade with arugula were all the extras I needed. It’s nice to know that this is on the regular menu, so I could go back and get it at lunch or dinner as well.

Did you know? The executive chef of 5Church, Jamie Lynch, is competing on Top Chef?

Disclosure: My brunch at 5Church was complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own.