7 things you didn’t know about Chuy’s Mexican restaurant

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If you’ve never eaten at Chuy’s Mexican restaurant before,  one look and you’d think it’s simply a cookie cutter Mexican restaurant like many other chains. But you’d be mistaken. Here are seven things to know about Chuy’s.

  1. Fish are hand painted and supplied by a small mountain village in the Michoacán area in Mexico. When we’re building a new Chuy’s, the decor team comes in and gets help from newly hired employees to string and hang them in the stores.
Chuys mexican restuarant decor
Fish are hand painted for each Chuy’s location
2. Palm Trees of scrap metal. The kitschy decor includes palm trees throughout Chuy’s restaurants. The palm trees are constructed by artist, Kwaku Bediko. He’s originally from Belize and now his grandson Bhalil has taken over the project. They’re all made from scrap metal that Kwaku and Bhalil reshape into the palm trees.

3. The Elvis theme was an accident.  A woman was divorcing her husband (who had a huge collection of Elvis memorabilia). She decided to donate it to one of the original Chuy’s. The theme has continued in each Chuy’s restaurant since.

4. You say margarita, I say martini. They have a marvelous drink called the New Mexico Martini. This drinks like a spicy margarita and for about nine bucks you’ll get nearly four small pours.

5. The tortillas are made fresh right in front of you. Instead of tortillas that were shipped in and sat on a truck for who knows how many days, you can see tortillas being made fresh right in front of you at each Chuy’s location.

chuys made in house torillas

6. Get sauced at Chuy’s. Sauces are made in house daily. If you like it spicy get the Hatch Green Chile Sauce or the Boom Boom sauce (pictured at the top), a slightly creamy sauce that is Chuy’s signature one. Don’t like the sauce that comes with your meal or just want to give another sauce a try? Just ask your server and they will gladly bring you another one!

Chuys mexican restaurant sauces
Chuy’s sauces are made in house each day.


7. Free chips and salsa from 4 -7 pm. But the display isn’t your order cart. Oh no. Vintage cars are found and repurposed for use. Chuy’s turns the trunks into a chips and salsa station. Chips and salsa are complimentary from 4 – 7 pm daily.

chuys free chips and salsa
Chips and salsa are served out of the trunks of classic cars