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3 fun day date Ideas: action packed adventures [not for the weak]

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Forget dinner and movie. As adults we sit around all the time. Get off your butts and get moving. Challenge your mind and body with these awesome day dates!

Flex your mental skills at an Escape Room

Disclosure: Our Escape room experience was complimentary

If you’ve never done an Escape Room before here’s the gist: You and your teammates (anywhere from 2 – 8) get locked in a room and must solve clues to get out of the room within 60 minutes. You have 3 clues you can ask for during the game. But we needed more than that and they had to provide them to us or we wouldn’t have made it far in this Escape Room at all. I was clueless the first time I did an escape game and my second time was really no better, (sorry to my team but everyone else was super brilliant at working together to find the clues). I’ve read a lot of reviews where most teams are not able to escape, so don’t feel bad if you can’t break out!

The Escape at the Battery Atlanta for a day date

Escape rooms are so much fun whether you are doing this with friends but they can also be fun for a date too. But if you are both competitive this could bring out that nature. Lucky for me, when I’ve done escape rooms, we’ve always had such a great group of people, it was a blast. But for three or four couples this might be a terrific idea too! You can book the Escape Game at the Battery here.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants check out my post on that here. That way you can (an totally should) extend your day date.

An Escape Game is great idea of double or even triple dates

Let’s go ride a bike, a group bike that is [work out those thighs on your day date]

Have you seen those fun group bikes around that haul a group of drinking buddies (or strangers that quickly become best buds) around town? I’d only seen it in Savannah but then one opened up in Atlanta and I tried it. Though they offer them at different times of day, I though one that included brunch would be fun. Note that if you are prone to motion sickness then brunch cocktails + riding might not be for you.

group bike ride atlanta midtown
Atlanta’s party bike – the Southern Pedaler

But we had a blast with our Brunch tour. Loading up on a beautiful spring day, you’ll pedal hardest working up to your first spot and then it gets easier as the tour progresses. I felt like we got enough food for a meal but didn’t walk away stuffed by any means. Oh and they elect someone to be the DJ, so if you have great music taste, get your playlist ready. What a fun day date, wouldn’t you agree? 

Read the full story (and see the video) on my daytime date bike tour.

Adulting is hard. Have a relaxed day date at a trampoline park

When I was a kid, I had a couple friends who had trampolines. I jumped at every opportunity (see what I did there?) to go over to their house. Who says that once we reach adulthood, trampolines are off limits? Sure indoor trampoline parks are designed for kids, but they allow us adults so why not burn some calories and have fun at this huge trampoline park? If you are both active, it’s a good daytime date idea too. It’s where we went while celebrating my hubby’s birthday week last year.

I found one near my house called Jumping World and cost for one full hour are pretty reasonable, so I thought I’d check it out on a recent weekday. Since it’s located next to an LA Fitness, I figured I’d burn off some calories at the trampoline park, then go lift weights. When you walk in to Jumping World, there are waivers to sign, so you can get that out of the way right away. After paying, you can either rent a locker or put your shoes in one of cubbies (make sure you wear socks!).

jumping world trampoline review
Shoot some hoops while jumping on the trampoline and Jumping World

We were a given a full hour of jumping, shooting hoops, and jumping into the foam pit, we were pretty wiped out after about 40 minutes. While I loved the foam pit as a kid in gymnastics, it was incredibly difficult to get out of as an adult. Thank good ness for the rope to help pull yourself out. I took ibuprofen as soon as I got home to thwart the back pain I felt coming on.

Adulting is hard. Sometimes you just need to go jump on trampolines and free fall into a foam pit. 

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Find out more information about this local Atlanta trampoline jumping park called Jumping World here.

So, now that you’ve got these 3 fantastic ideas for daytime dates, which one will you choose?

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