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Arnette’s Chop Shop, Brookhaven – A chef’s tasting menu perfect for date night

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Walking into Arentte’s Chop Shop in Brookhaven, you are immediately greeted by at least one if not a couple friendly smiling faces. It’s all part of Michel Arnette’s grand plan of “putting the word ‘hospitality’ back into the restaurant industry.

You can choose from several spots to dine – upstairs in the bar area (more on that in a sec), the main dining room or score one a few tables that overlooks the kitchen (though that’s my least favorite of all as far as atmosphere goes). Of course many people love that.

I’m putting the word ‘hospitality’ back into the restaurant industry

arnetts steak house review atlanta romailicious

But back to the upstairs bar – because it is the coolest! First of all, the staircase is flanked by curved wooden columns, to mimic a rib cage and the music beckons as you get closer. Sexy booths line the back wall, mirroring the downstairs main dining area. The difference is the large bar that is the focal point upstairs.  Arnette, a huge music buff, commissioned a local artist to create one of a kind paintings of musicians like Mick Jagger and Tom Petty. The rooftop patio is first come, first serve.

arnettes chop shop beef roamilicious
Arnette’s Chop Shop beef carpaccio

Pro tips: 1. When you call, make sure to ask for a booth against the back wall, whether you choose upstairs or downstairs dining. Arnette’s is perfect for a celebration. 2. Ask for the chef’s tasting menu.

I was skeptical when we opted for the chef’s tasting menu. Pouring over the menu myself, I wondered would we get the crab legs like I wanted? Would the chef just know I was dying to have the ribeye cap? Turns out, he must be psychic, because he sent out all the (soon to be) greatest hits. The shellfish platter with crab, shrimp, scallops and grilled oysters was outstanding.

arnettes chop shop review best steakhouse roamilicious
Ooh this seafood platter at Arnette’s is a must!

You want to start your meal off with a strong cocktail, because you are going to have a lot of goody to soak up that booze. My server recommended the Old Fashioned over the Manhattan and though I didn’t have the Manhattan, I think he steered me in the right direction.

While steaks are the main attraction, the sides are nothing to sneeze at, especially the roasted cauliflower and mushrooms with spinach. Our trio of steaks included a filet, NY Strip and Spinalis (Ribeye Cap). Though prices for most steaks are in line for upper end steakhouses in Atlanta, our selections ranged from $20 – $30 and were exceptional. Though no sauces were necessary, I did find the Barrel aged worcestershire and chimichurri to be quite tasty.

arnettes steak brookhaven atlanta roamilicious
Steak trio: Ribeye cap, NY Strip, and filet along with onion rings, cauliflower and scalloped potatoes

Is it me or do you just somehow associate Baked Alaska with some gimmicky cruise ship? Maybe I’ve just seen one too many episodes of The Love Boat. But perhaps the complicated dessert is not served at most restaurants, because they are not experts at a dessert that has both sponge cake and ice cream inside while the outer layer must be baked until the meringue is golden brown! In case you were wondering, they nailed it at Arnette’s Chop Shop. So, what are you waiting for? Go book your chef’s tasting at this Brookhaven spot before the word gets out.

steak house atlanta brookhaven roamilicious
L: Staircase to bar at Arnette’s, R: Baked Alaska


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