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Best Brunch Pizza in Atlanta: Varuni Napoli

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Looking for a brunch pizza in the ATL? Check out Varuni Napoli!

Sure, I love a good omelette, hash, chicken and waffles for brunch as much as the next gal, but I hardly ever turn down the chance for pizza. So, the combination of two of my favorite things: brunch + pizza was a no brainer. Here are 6 reasons you will love brunching at Varuni Napoli!

1. They play old movies at Varuni Napoli

There was a black and white movie with Sophia Lauren playing on the big screen which you can see from just about any spot inside the restaurant. While you may not be in Italy at Varuni Napoli, the scenery was pretty captivating.

varuni napoli atlanta pizza Roamilicious
Love the old movies at Varuni Napoli + strong cocktails

2. They have stellar cocktails at Varuni Napoli to compliment the brunch pizza

Lately I’ve shyed away from perennial brunch cocktails in favor of a regular cocktail. I mean, who are you fooling? If you are going to enjoy a cocktail, go for it. Plus, cocktails made with gin and other spirits can still be light and fresh too. While a Negroni was strong and delightful, I’d recommend at the From the Garden with vodka muddled with basil and lime juice or the Italian Stallion, a twist on French 75 with limoncello and a prosecco float.

3. They have a lovely patio at Varuni Napoli that you can enjoy while dining on delicious brunch pizza

The patio at Varuni Napoli is one of my favorites ATL.  I love the comfy seating and trees spread all around which give it an overall treehouse feel. But be warned, the patio is usually in high demand at peak times. But during brunch we found it easily available.

4. Brunch pizzas at Varuni Napoli are really tasty

best brunch pizza atlanta - Roamilicous
Go for traditional pizzas or order a brunch pizza with fried egg at Varuni Napoli

We ordered 2 pies: a more traditional pie with Arugula and Prosciutto and a brunch one with fried egg and potato. Atlanta does have some pretty amazing pizza, and if you have out of town guests, take them to Varuni Napoli at brunch and I think they’ll be blown away by how amazing they do brunch!

5. Cannolis and Tiramisu are amazing at Varuni Napoli

How do you do brunch? When I do, it it is usually more savory then sweet and I’m usually so full I don’t eat another meal the rest of the day or it is a light meal. While feeling full from the two brunch pizzas at Varuni Napoli, I couldn’t resist dessert. I was going to “keep it light” with just a cannoli but Chef Luca sent over his rich, tiramisu too. Oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to dine there again without having this luscious dessert.

italian desserts tiramisu cannoli atlanta
OMG – this Tiramisu at Varuni Napoli! There are no words!

6. Easy to get in vs. other places at this Atlanta brunch pizza spot

I’ve never understood why people wait in long lines for a restaurant. It has to be pretty damn good for me to do that. Plus there are so many other restaurants that take reservations, so why wouldn’t you just go patronize them? While Varuni Napoli doesn’t take reservations, they are still somewhat easy to get into for brunch because people aren’t completely aware of their amazing brunch options….yet.

best brunch pizza Atlanta Roamilicious

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