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9 Reasons Your Adult Getaway / Staycation to Atlanta should be at The Bellyard Hotel

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1. The patio with a view of ATL skyline

Patio at the Bellyard Hotel in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta, then you are probably aware of how bitterly humid it is here. We didn’t get that name “hotlanta” for no reason. But no matter when you visit The Bellyard you should head out to the patio even if it is just for a coffee to take in the pretty view. There are fantastic photo ops too! 

2. Cool, modern rooms in the suites at The Bellyard Hotel

We loved our room at the Bellyard – one of the best things that it was so quiet. Some hotels have thin walls and windows where you can hear guests chatter and street noise, but not Bellyard. Our room was quiet and we slept fantastically both nights of our Staycation. 

If you like the minimalist design you’ll love these features in the rooms at the Bellyard Hotel. There is a murphy style desk (meaning it folds up into the wall). Instead of a stand alone, fridge, the small fridge is tucked in a drawer under the window seat. Plus, we found out furnishings are designed by locals too.

Bathroom of a suite at the Bellyard Hotel Atlanta

Protip: when reserving ask if you can have a room with a view of the Atlanta Skyline. 

3. Phenomenal Cocktails at the Bellyard

Have you ever stayed at those hotels where the cocktails are a weak excuse for a drink? I have and it is a punch in the gut how expensive they can be. Cocktails are well made at The Bellyard, my favorite being “When Life Gives you Lemons…” Not just a good saying to live by, this drink packs a punch with the strong, but not overpowering gin flavor and the tartness of lemonade is matched by the lavender syrup. I say get to two and take the to the much quieter courtyard. 

4. Drawbar Dining at the Bellyard

Who knew that Drawbar would be such a draw (pun intended) for the ATL crowd? When you enter the hotel you’ll take the elevator to the lobby which also doubles as the restaurant. I use that term loosely as the restaurant is more of a lounge / bar space. There are a handful of tables but at 8 pm on Friday night it seemed more of a bar scene.

It was hopping with lots of people socializing. Note that the hotel does not accept reservations. I can see why as this is premium space. So, if you really want to dine there, I’d recommend going on a weeknight. 

Excellent cocktails + food at Drawbar inside the Bellyard hotel in Atlanta

5. Instagram worthy courtyard inside the Bellyard 

It’s surprised me the handful of times I’ve visited Bellyard, their gorgeous mural-painted courtyard (see photo above) has been nearly empty while their lounge area remains packed. It’s gorgeous and they have plenty of light. I’d love to have a work trip here and I know I could get so much creative stuff done inspired by those colorful walls all around me. 

6. Exercise rooms with Peloton exercise bikes at The Bellyard

Addicted to your peloton? You don’t have to do without it when you visit The Bellyard. Plus the exercise room has views of the city so you don’t feel like you are in some depressing, sad gym. 

7. You are near fun adult games like Puttshack and the Painted Duck

Puttshack is like the coolest minigolf you’ll ever experience. They’ve got bright lights, fun cocktails and artfully presented snacks. It’s a fun thing to do if it is raining and you want to get out of the hotel without getting soaked. Check out this list of 50 things to do in Atlanta when it rains.

If you are a fan of Duckpin Bowling (I did it once in Virginia), you’ll want to head The Painted Duck, a short drive from The Bellyard. It is sister restaurant to the older Painted Pin where I had a lovely small gathering for my birthday years ago. There is much revelry, good food and drinks to be found here. 

8. You are arguably staying in one of the coolest parts of the city: The Westside 

goat farm west midtown
The Goat Farm near the Bellyard Hotel

If you are reading this, congrats! You have made it past most of the boring drivel Atlanta’s tourism board is paid to put out and have stumbled upon real advice for enjoying this fine city. The westside, often referred to as the best side, is just plain cool. Sure, many developments have taken old buildings and kept parts of them as an homage to the past. But you don’t have to drive very far on the west side to see some really cool chunks of history. DYK? There’s the Goat Farm housed in West Midtown, a hub of an artist community. The center is housed in a complex of industrial buildings and contains the studio space for local artists and artisans back to the late 1800s. Parts of the Walking Dead were filmed here. Note: there’s info that states some new developments on the property, so make sure to check their website before venturing out. 

9. Close to so many restaurants – Here’s where to eat if you are staying at The Bellyard Hotel in Atlanta

The Woodall Atlanta
Appetizers are The Woodall Atlanta

The Woodall in West Midtown near The Bellyard Hotel

A short drive away is The Woodall. Great to meet up with friends or if you have a group there’s large tables outside or the huge high top table overlooking the bar. Cocktails are done just right. My gin and cucumber drink with matcha hit the spot.

Get the Tempura Eggplant or the Beet salad to start. Your meal will be off to a tasty and colorful start. The menu changes seasonally, but standouts are the Scallops and fish dishes. Every dish here is like a work of art, so beautifully plated. Plus there are sauces that I wouldn’t even begin to try and figure out what’s inside that elevate but don’t overpower the seafood. 

Chef says they plan on doing specialty tasting menus so follow them on social to keep up. Insider note: If you are a fan of Marlow’s Restaurants, the Woodall is owned by them. 

If you are a lover of seafood check out the Optimist with it’s laid back, beach-like atmosphere- the lobster roll is beguiling. Make sure you have reservations. 

Emmy Squared Pizza is a must for pIzza lovers

The Big Al at Emmy Squared Pizza
Try a Burger at Emmy Squared in Atlanta

Pizza lovers are in luck with the fantastic Emmy Squared pizza just around the corner from the hotel. This is Detroit style pizza (thick crust) comes with about six slices per pie. Snag a high top table and settle in for a delicious evening.  If you get an app like the Trout dip, that and 1 pie will fill 2 people up. Get the Big Al, a Margherita pizza with sausage. Absolutely fabulous!!

See the burger above. It sounds strange to visit a pizza spot and get a burger, but this one is hearty and delicious. Plus, there’s a terrific roof top bar too. We can’t wait for the fall to enjoy this patio.

Sushi spots near the Bellyard Hotel in Atlanta

Nigiri and Sashimi Platter at Eight Sushi

Sushi fans won’t want to miss out on a visit to O-Ku or Eight Sushi, both have outstanding sushi offerings and in a very cool atmosphere. They are great for date night. O-Ku is the closer of the two to the hotel. In fact you could probably walk there faster than driving and doing the whole valet thing. If it’s nice outside, you’ll want to take advantage of the roof with spectacular Atlanta views.  Tuna tataki special was lovely to share but luckily we each had our own pieces of nigiri and sashimi. Bream and Salmon belly are not to miss either. 

With Eight Sushi’s mix of warm woods and industrial concrete floors, it definitely ticks the atmosphere box. There’s a lot more to the menu than only traditional sushi at Eight Sushi Lounge. Their are unique appetizers and fully cooked entrees that include both seafood and meat. So, if you are considering Eight Sushi Lounge for a birthday gathering or other group outing, there’s certainly something for non-sushi eaters as well. Read more about Eight Sushi Here

Cultivate Coffee (where to go for breakfast near the Bellyard Hotel)

Getting out of the hotel for breakfast? We recommend heading to Cultivate Coffee for some tasty coffee and other breakfast treats. And if you are a late riser, don’t worry. They serve breakfast ALL day! We loved the huge fried chicken biscuit! I love the house made pimento cheese (and look how generous it is). My friend and I split that because we had also ordered the beignets (another signature item with blueberry jam to slather on top) and sausage balls. There’s also free parking in the deck behind the coffee spot.

Read about all the best biscuit spots in Atlanta here.

Chattahoochee Food Hall

Can’t decide on an option you all agree on? No prob. Head to the Chattahoochee Food Hall.

With a plethora of restaurants waiting you can choose from so many different cultures and cuisines like oysters, sushi, cheesesteaks, waffles and even Thai, Indian Vegetarian and so many more. Plus a nice bonus is that there is plenty of free parking so no need to worry about paying, unlike some of those other food courts, with far fewer restaurants. 

Burning questions about the Bellyard Hotel in West Midtown, Atlanta

Valet Parking at The Bellyard Hotel Atlanta

What does it cost to park at the Bellyard hotel?

It is $45 per day to park at the hotel. So, it is best to take rideshare or public transit to the hotel if you can, otherwise parking at the Bellyard could get quite expensive. One thing that is helpful about the parking is that you are given a link to your cell when you valet. You can use it to request your car from the Bellyard valet staff before you leave your room so your car is ready when you get downstairs.

Is there a pool at the Bellyard Hotel?

The short answer answer is no. No pool is part of the hotel. There is a pool connected by buildings to the hotel at the Interlock, which is steps away. However, it is nearly impossible to get up there. You will need a reservation, but you can’t make them in advance. You must have a reservation to take the elevator to the roof to even glimpse the pool. It is guarded better than Fort Knox. To secure your reservation you must pay $40 per person for a chair and you are limited to a max time of 2 hours. This feels like the most complicated speakeasy ever. 

What is the gold cow and cow accents at The Bellyard Hotel? 

Gold Cow at the Bellyard Hotel

The Westside was once home to cattle stockyards, so the cows and cow touches you see throughout the hotel pay homage to that. 

Know before you go: the Bellyard hotel auto checks you out at noon. In other words, your keys will not work for the elevator access or the room. We thought we’d have brunch and then head out. When we got in the elevator we noticed our keys were deactivated and had to return the check-in to get them reactivated. Not a big deal, but good to know in advance.

The Bellyard Hotel is a fantastic addition to the Atlanta Hotel offerings. What is your favorite thing on this list?