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Ultimate guide to the 23 best sandwiches in Atlanta [updated 2022]

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Where are the best sandwiches in Atlanta? Whether you want something simple and no frills or something super fancy, you can find something the quench your craving for a lovely sandwich of any kind. Here are the best spot and sandwiches you can find in Atlanta.

Note – read carefully! Some of these spots with the best sandwiches in Atlanta have two because they are just so damn delicious!

Bocado – Burger and Tuna BLT
I know that there’s talk of a certain burger being the best in Atlanta, maybe even in the country, but I think Bocado’s has got it beat. The best way I can describe it is that it is completely satisfying but still light. You can order it at the bar for $7.99 Monday – Thursday.

The Blackened BLT is one of those sandwiches I just constantly crave. Seriously I dream about this sandwich – it is that good. Besides the perfectly cooked tuna and the ubiquitous lettuce and tomato, you’ll find crisp bacon, avocado, and spicy mayo.

Round out your meal with an order of herb fries, which two can share if you aren’t starving. If you haven’t had either one of these sandwiches, you are so missing out. Run. There. Now.

Tavern at Phipps’ Pastrami Reuben (RIP) Tavern is now closed 

Pastrami sandwich from Tavern at Phipps in Buckhead

Located at Phipps Plaza, Tavern at Phipps has long been a go to spot for shoppers looking for fuel after a long day of shopping. Or the after work Buckhead crowd that needs to blow off some steam after a long day of work. The restaurant has stiff drinks to unwind, but the food is quite tasty as well.

Star Provisions – Shrimp Po Boy is a glorious thing for lunch or dinner. Heck, I’d eat if for breakfast if I could.

Any lobster lover should get this lobster roll at Ocean + Acre in Forsyth’s Halcyon

Ocean + Acre – Lobster roll! This lobster roll might be upwards of $30 but it is delicious and worth the money and the calories. It is pure lobster with no filler or mayonnaise mixed in, just buttery, glorious lobstah! Enjoy!

Quac Hong Banh Mi sandwiches (a Buford Highway favorite)

You are crazy if you don’t get the barbecue pork. Protip: bring cash as the store is cash only, and sandwiches average around $3.00 per. Order five bánh mì, sandwiches and that sixth one is free.

Apron + Ladle (Sandy Springs) 

This meaty Cuban sandwich at Apron + Ladle is delicious

Located in the City Walk shopping center in Sandy Springs is Apron and Ladle. Bring several friends because you won’t be able to finish a sandwich in one sitting. These sandwiches are huge and overstuffed. Pictured above is the Cuban, but a vegetarian sandwich, smothered with hummus and lined with grilled vegetables is sensational too.

JCT Kitchen’s Crab Roll

Highland Bakery Chicken Salad (multiple Atlanta locations)
While I love the Curried Chicken Salad here, the roasted chicken salad with red grapes, curried mayonnaise and toasted pecans is absolutely divine at Highland Bakery. It isn’t overly mayonnaisy but not dried out either. The spice of the curry, the sweetness of the grapes and the crunchiness of the pecans makes every bite perfection.

Zunzi’s Godfather sandwich is tops in Atlanta! 

You can’t help but fall in love with Zunzi’s. The staff’s positive attitude is infectious. The sandwiches are a unique type of South African items. The tea is made from Rooibos (an African root). If you follow Zunzi’s you know they are a small company that started in Savannah, but have just expanded to Atlanta. Their signature sandwich is the Conquistador – a chicken sandwich with Zunzi’s slightly spicy and creamy sauce. The Godfather sandwich is pretty much the same as the Conquistador but with Smoked Sausage, Boerewors, Provolone on it.

If you are in Atl, you need to have a sandwich from Zunzi’s.

What else makes Zunzi’s sandwiches so exceptional? They order their bread from a local bakery – H&F Bread and it is par baked, meaning they finish it up when it arrives at the restaurant. Protip: On the 26th day of the month Zunzi’s gives away their Conquistador sandwich for free to all day long. Why the 26th? “Z” is the 26th letter of the alphabet. Also, they partner with local charities each month! How’s that for feeling good about where you money goes?

This curry chicken salad sandwich from Zunzi’s is killer too!

Tava Indian Bistro – Lamb sandwich at this Decatur joint


101 Steak – This swanky steak house is top notch for date night in Vinings. But lunch is affordable if you can’t swing the steak prices. One of the best options at lunch is the Wagyu Reuben.

Folk Art – One of the best items on the menu of this Inman Park restaurant is .the big easy muffuletta. With mortadella, genoa salami, ham, provolone, mozzarella & olive spread

New Realm Brewing – Cuban sandwich

OMG – the food, especially the sandwiches at New Realm Brewing are delightful

Ah this is my all time favorite brewery in Atlanta. Located on the beltline it is a glorious place to be on a fall day. Sit outside and just marvel at the views. Or head to the rooftop patio. But they don’t cut corners with their food either. The Cuban, made with pork belly is a testament to just how outstanding the food here is.

Goldberg’s Deli – Some of my favorite bagels can be found at this deli, with locations all around Atlanta and even at the Atlanta airport. But their sandwiches aren’t too shabby either. They have nine different types of bread and even gluten free bread. If you like reubens, they have four different kinds including a fried chicken reuben. I recommend the roast brisket.

The Big Ketch – Lobster roll. You can get it hot or cold, but I recommend hot.

AJ’s Famous Seafood and Po Boys The restaurant is small. Besides a booth and a large round table up front, most seating is tables for two along the back wall. It did have a seafood / beach bar decor.

I ordered the Shrimp Po Boy to go, as it was a short drive home. The sandwich remained firm, not soggy. The shrimp were large and plentiful and the bread was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Don’t you hate when you take a bite and the contents spill out? Not with these Po Boys. The price was around 7 or 8 bucks including a large side of fries. You can also order dinner platters which come with choice of a couple sides. Besides Po Boys and Platters, they have NOLA favorites like the Muffuletta, Gumbo and Jambalaya.

General Muir – Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, General Muir has been widely popular ever since opening a handful of years ago. The Emory deli even makes its own bread. The Reuben features Gruyere cheese and Russian dressing.

barleygarden alpharetta avalon bar
The Butcher’s Bun at Barleygarden in Avalon

Barleygarden – Butcher’s Bun with tons of shaved ribeye. If you like grilled cheese, there are several varieties at Barleygarden in Avalon as well. But as far as the sandwiches, my taste buds say the Butcher’s Bun is one of the best sandwiches in Atlanta.

Diner Bakery Company meatloaf and Monte Crisco are tops! Trek out to Kennesaw for two of the best sandwiches in Atlanta you will ever eat! You will want to return time and time again though as the menu is huge and even after a couple visits you will only just begin to make a dent into it. My two favorite sandwiches on this huge menu are the Pressed Meatloaf and the Veal, Pork and Beef Meatloaf, Cheddar Cheese, Horseradish and Mushroom Bordelaise Sauce, on Ciabatta and the open faced Monte Cristo. Read about my visit to Diner Bakery Company!

Steak sandwich from Tin Tin (terrific French restaurant on the Westside)

There are a couple of things you should know about Tin Tin. Located on the Trendy westside, Tin Tin the patio component to the lovely AIX restaurant from acclaimed chef Nick Leahy. AIX and Tin Tin seems like French food for people who don’t like French food. I’m a big fan of Nick’s other restaurant, Saltyard.

AIX and Tin Tin have exquisite design like the private wine room, which bears a recipe from Nick’s grandmother on the wall. No, not just painted, actually a wire print of the recipe on the wall. Other French touches dot the design like the bead artwork that is a French technique. Oh and if you drink wine (and I highly recommend it here) ask your server to recommend a lovely one from their fantastic list.

Get the lovely steak sandwich at Tin Tin in Atlanta

The lunch menu at Tin Tin is different from the dinner menu – you can only get the steak sandwich at lunch #worthit! Plus it is served with lovely house made chips with a hint of spice.

Meehan’s – Grilled feta sandwich. Oh my goodness, what a different twist to grilled cheese. It also comes with pesto mayo.

Proof and Provision – grilled capocollo sandwich farmhouse cheddar, peach marmalade, arugula

Tiny Bistro (Atlanta’s west side)
Tucked away in West Midtown this place is pretty tiny. So tiny in fact, that it has just two parking spaces. I visited several months ago but now just getting around the writing the post. Tiny Bistro is an offshoot of Figs and Honey catering. Their food is so tasty, I understand why customers crave it on a regular basis and don’t want to be limited to just a catered affair.

I sampled a couple sandwiches, the meatloaf and the Cuban. And it was the Cuban sandwich that really stood out. It comes on special Cajun Pistolet bread which lends itself to being pressed very well. And the ham is a nice, thick quality piece but it is the Mojo Guava marinated pork loin that makes this sandwich a standout. Moist, slightly sweet, and just cheesy enough to make one stellar Cuban sandwich.

The other great thing is that their prices won’t kill you. A half sandwich, which is pretty substantial. The sides, red potato salad and a cucumber, onion and fennel salad I tried were fresh and lovely.


So where will you head to first for the best sandwiches in Atlanta?

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