What are th best Things To Do At The Battery Atlanta [For Locals and Visitors]

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The Atlanta Braves stadium, The Battery Atlanta is mixed-use development adjacent to SunTrust Park. The Battery will feature more than 400,000 square feet of retail and office space.

Where did the name “The Battery” come from?

The Battery Atlanta’s name pays respect to the sport of baseball. The term “battery” was first used by an early baseball writer, Henry Chadwick, who described it as the firepower of a team’s pitching staff, similar to that of artillery. Later, the term evolved to refer to the combined effectiveness of a pitcher and catcher.


What are some things to do besides see a baseball game at The Battery Atlanta?

Here are the best things to do at battery Atlanta which make your visit worthwhile:

Play an Escape Game at the Battery

I’ve said it before – I suck at Escape Games. I try, but my brain just isn’t wired for that. That’s why I go with smart people who can decipher the clues. And I always have a blast. A group of us ladies got to visit The Escape Game in Atlanta.

I chose the Special Ops over the Gold Rush, the former a bit more challenging than the latter, but I was with intelligent women and was confident they’d get us out of the room within the 60-minute time frame and we did it!

Looking for something to do at The Battery? Try an Escape Game

The next time I returned, we did the Gold Rush room. This had a rating of 7/10 level of difficulty, but again I was clueless. Be warned, there’s a slide with this escape room, so be ready to go whirl down it. Protip: they will validate parking at The Battery Atlanta for as long as you are there even if there is a Braves Game! Book your tickets here. 

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Try Virtual Reality at the Battery (The VOID)

Yep. Virtual Reality is now at The Battery in Atlanta. A company called VOID has just opened up with several virtual reality experiences and games. I was able to try a pretty scary one, Nicodemus.

This involved trains and ghosts. So much fun. We even went back to try the Star Wars experience at The VOID at the Battery! And you know what? It was even better! There was so much more interaction, than in the previous VR game and we loved it.

Imagine becoming a stormtrooper and hovering on a small plank suspended above molten hot lava while evading fire from all around. How amazing does that Virtual Reality game sound?

The VOID is an amazing Virtual Reality experience at The Battery

What to know about The VOID Virtual Realty at The Battery?

Prices for tickets start at $19.99 and just go up. Some of the more popular Virtual reality games are $34.99. You can have up to 4 people per game (that is why lines can be pretty long. Your best bet is to reserve your tickets online and go at an off-peak time.

If you just show up you may end up waiting for a pretty long time. Protip: unlike The Escape Game which validates your parking, the VOID does NOT, which means if there is an event you only have 2 hours of free parking.

How does the VOID work?

Guests get strapped in with a jacket and a Virtual Reality headset. Guides are terrific at giving you all the tips to make sure you get fitted just right in your Virtual Reality gear. That’s about it. Not really that complicated to get set up.

Then you are taken to your room by your guide, much like an  Escape Game. The room is roughly the size of an average elevator. After they start the program you forget that you are in a room at all and enter your alternate reality for about 20 minutes.

At The VOID at The Battery, the VR experiences involve being in a series of small rooms the size of elevators.

See a concert at the Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre

roxy theatre atlanta
VIP seating at the Roxy + the VIP lounge

Relocating from Buckhead, the Roxy Theatre is thriving at The Battery Atlanta. Last year, I saw Walk the Moon at the Roxy inside the Battery and it was amazing! This spacious lounge features comfy couches, its own bar (don’t wait in long lines for drinks), and of course, music from the concert is piped in along with video monitors throughout the lounge.

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Experience Dueling Pianos at Park Bench at The Battery (Truist Park) 

Dueling Pianos are a great group idea for fun at The Battery – we love Park Bench

Maybe the Roxy is a little out of your price range. We are so lucky to have so many options for fun things to do at the Braves Stadium. You can now head to The Park Bench and see a show in a smaller, more intimate venue. 

I highly recommend the Dueling Pianos at Park Bench at the Battery. The players are so talented and entertaining. I like that they have three players so, they can take breaks and have the energy to keep entertaining all night. Plus the venue has terrific acoustics no matter where you are sitting.

And of course, there’s the entertainment of bachelorette parties, birthdays recent engagements! 


Though the Park Bench at the Battery holds a large crowd, you’ll want to make sure you get there early if you are going to Dueling Pianos at The Battery as they tend to fill up fast – the secret’s out about how fun this is!

Make sure to bring your cash with you so you can request your favourite song. We got all of our songs played while we were there! I seriously cannot wait to go back. 

There are a diverse amount of food options at Battery Atlanta. Two of those establishments will be helmed by a couple of award-winning Atlanta food icons – Ford Fry and Linton Hopkins, with a new steak house concept. Dining options include:

  • Antico Pizza
  • Cru Food and Wine Bar
  • The El Felix
  • Garden and Gun Club
  • Live! At the Battery

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