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Bezoria: Fast Casual Mediterranean in Midtown

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If you think you know what fast casual dining is all about, you should head to Bezoria for fast casual Mediterranean you won’t believe. Why the name Bezoria? Owner, Imtiaz Ramaz told me it is the fusion of the name Bazzar + Euphoria. His aim is that every visitor has a euphoric experience when they visit Bezoria.

A very rough comparison is that Bezoria is the Chipotle of Mediterranean food. First off, they have their meats spinning on a skewer behind the counter and they shave off your choice of beef or chicken. Next, choose from a pita, rice bowl, salad or my recommendation, the Laffa specialty Flatbread. From there, pick a protein, vegetable and sauce. Watch my Bezoria video here.

Me? It’s a tough choice between Falafel (chickpea fritters), Chicken Kefta and Steak Shawarma, so I got the Bezoria Feast which gives you a little of everything. I’m so glad I ordered the Laffa bread, which is similar to the Indian Roti, I am quite used to. It was perfect to pick up pockets of chicken, beef and vegetables for bite after tasty bite.

Bezoria Feast: Falafel, Chicken, Steak, Rice, Cabbage Slaw, Spicy Hummus

Prices are affordable, averaging just around 7 bucks for a meal. For the same price as crappy fast food you can get seasoned chicken, hummus and falafel.  Everyone at Bezoria is extremely polite and helpful. So don’t feel intimidated if you aren’t familiar with Mediterranean cuisine. They are more than happy to answer questions and help you decide what to order. And they’ll probably suggest ordering a side of specially spiced fries to share. Not a bad idea at all.

Bezoria spiced fries

And drinks? Who needs soda when you can choose from drinks like chilled Hibiscus Tea or Rosewater Lemonade? While I liked them both, the lemonade was my favorite. Don’t forget to grab a house made Baklava to go for dessert later in the day. Or for breakfast the next day. I won’t judge you. Either way, you’ll be glad you have this sweet treat for later.

Bezoria Website
903 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

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Disclosure: My meal was complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own. 

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