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Big Apple Circus: this circus is fun for adults too

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The circus has come to town! Here’s why you need to check out the Big Apple Circus.

My tickets to the circus were complimentary.

My memories of going to the circus with my family include exotic animals mostly. I remember elephants jumping through hoops, lions and tigers and sparkly costumes. The circus was fun for a kid, but as an adult, I didn’t see what could be appealing. But I’m all for death defying acts. And when I heard they’d have trapeze artists, a contortionist and high wire feats, I was all in for this circus. Here are some of the highlights of why this circus is fun:

The contortionist. I mean my goodness – look at the way these skilled performers can adjust their bodies. The highlight was when she held a bow and arrow IN HER FEET and shot a balloon.

Contortionist at Big Apple Circus
Contortionist at Big Apple Circus

There were jugglers, roller skaters and a horse and pony show that were quite impressive too. The circus no longer has exotic animals as it had been revealed that animals used in the circus had been mistreated. Now, the animals featured are rescue animals. One caveat: the horses do run around quite close to the seating at this circus, so if you don’t care for the smell or are a bit timid of these animals, don’t opt for seating very close to the front.

reasons to go to the circus

The band is incredible. One surprise that I didn’t expect at the circus, was that there would b a band with such talented musicians. But they were playing instrumental versions of today’s popular songs. They were excellent and every tune matched perfectly with the performances.

The two comic relief guys were wonderful in their stints during the circus. While they mostly got laughs from the little ones, they were still quite entertaining.

What: Big Apple Circus

When: Now through February 25th

Where: In the big top at Verizon Amphitheatre

Cost: $32 – $99

circus high wire acts
High wire shenanigans from the Wallenda’s
  • No seat is more than 50 feet away from performers!
  • 10-time world record-holding high wire artist Nik Wallenda completes the circus’ final act.
  • The 40th anniversary season features a seven-person pyramid on the high wire and a quadruple somersault attempted on the trapeze – the first time in circus history that both legendary feats are performed under the same big top.

You can get tickets to the Big Apple Circus here.

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