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Bone’s Buckhead, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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Bone’s steakhouse has been open for nearly 4 decades. That’s quite a milestone, especially given the fickle Atlanta restaurant market. Many restaurants are lucky if they see their 5th anniversary, quickly becoming just a flash in the pan. Bone’s restaurant has built it’s solid reputation on top-notch food combined with superb service.

I was attending a wine tasting dinner at Bone’s courtesy of Artesa Winery. So, while the majority of the menu was pre-selected, I was lucky enough to chose my steak: Filet or NY Strip. I went with the NY Strip. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Although I’d never been to Bone’s before, I surmised that probably not much has changed as far as the interior in it’s near 40 years of existence. I’m certainly not dinging them for this. After all, it is still a classy place, just not super trendy, and a young hipster crowd you won’t find here indeed. I inquired at the host stand as to where my wine tasting would be, and was ushered to the private room. It wasn’t a minute after seating that a server asked if I would like anything besides wine to drink. Shortly after that we were brought gigantic seafood platters.

Bone’s Seafood Platter

These seafood platters were full of crab legs and claws, lobster tails and jumbo shrimp. With the shell stripped away, this is exactly how I like to enjoy seafood, with all the hard work done for me. The jumbo shrimp and lobster tail were terrific, however the best tasting morsels were the crab claws. Plump and sweet, I could have made meal out of these alone. And I certainly went a little overboard, devouring 3 on my own. I could have easily eaten 1 more, but, knowing the best was yet to come, I did want to save room for it.

Bone’s Beef Carpaccio

Next up we were treated to beef carpaccio salad. Given that Bone’s is a steak place, it wasn’t something I would have chosen to order, as I was about to be chowing down on a big slab of meat, but I was pleasantly surprised. No doubt the carpaccio salad was selected, as it would pair well with Pinot Noir we were sampling. But it was a lovely presentation, with the mix of shaved parmasean and arugala. I ate most of it and even though there was quite a bit of meat on the plate, I didn’t feel overly stuffed and knew I’d still be able to enjoy some of my steak.

Now, had I ordered the filet, I think I would have eaten it all. But the NY Strip was just too big a portion with all I had eaten previously. It was perfectly prepared, medium just as I had asked. Every morsel was delicious, especially with the exceptional Cabernet that accompanied it.

And don’t forget the sides. If there’s one thing that steakhouses do well besides, well, steak, it is the side dishes. I am always amazed at how they can take the simplest items, like potatoes, spinach, or mushrooms and turn them into these amazing vittles.

Bone’s Mushrooms, Potatoes, Spinach

All were exceptional but the spinach really did stand out. I was tempted to ask them to wrap that up for me with my steak, but didn’t want to appear too greedy as I was the only one who asked for my food to be boxed. But I guess that’s what happens when you are in a room full of foodies.

For dessert, we all ordered something different, from pecan pie, cheesecake, chocolate cake and creme brulee. They must’ve all been damn good, because not one of us even stopped to snap a picture before digging in.

3130 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
404 237 2663

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