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Bottle Rocket, Atlanta, GA [where sushi + craft cocktails are a match made in heaven]

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Are you looking for a chill neighborhood spot to become a regular? With exceptional cocktails and lovely sushi options that won’t break the bank? Then Bottle Rocket in Castleberry Hill is your jam.

Bottle Rocket, located in the downtown neighborhood of Castleberry Hill, is the rebirth of Wasabi restaurant. Though the menu retains much of its sushi heritage, some new items have been added as well. I’d never been to Wasabi, so I don’t have a comparison of it to what is now Bottle Rocket, but I understand that the new decor is quite different. Gone are the white walls and minimalistic look of Wasabi. There’s a splash of color on the walls now. There’s a chalkboard menu. There’s a great music selection too.

We started with the Georgia Boy and the Dark ‘N Stormy. After seeing the video on Thrilllist how could I not order a Georgia Boy? It was tasty, the almond milk and liquor a perfect blend. But it was the Dark ‘N Stormy that won my heart that night. I don’t know how this drink tastes so much better here than any other place, perhaps it is the high end rum used in the mix. So addictive, I could have easily had about five or six of them. I only had one since I was driving, but at only six bucks a piece, it wouldn’t have hurt my wallet much.

I do know that the owners of Bottle Rocket strive to make quality drinks that are affordable. Even the Coke sold at Bottle Rocket is imported from Mexico. Instead of high fructose corn syrup, it contains real cane sugar. You can totally taste the difference.

For appetizers we choose the mussels and the vegetarian dumplings. The mussels were huge, every single one of them. And the broth was delicious and unique in that it is flavored in part by sake. Yum. Yum. You don’t want to miss out on this app. Of course, you’ll need extra bread as you won’t want any broth to go to waste. Our server, Joel, was very observant of this, being careful to leave the bowl and bring us extra bread for the broth. The vegetarian dumplings were another hit. Very fresh tasting and filling.

As I said, the menu is quite heavy on the sushi. I chose the Candy box, which comes with shrimp, a lobster salad and tuna on the top. What a pretty presentation. Quite delicious too. Although, I certainly need to revisit and try some of the other sushi offerings as the menu is very extensive.

However, I feel return visits would involve tuna burgers primarily. It is a steal at only $13. Oh, I can’t even begin to describe how heavenly this burger is. Bottle Rocket uses sushi grade tuna in this burger. It is held together with the panko breadcrumbs and a quail egg. See? Aren’t you dying to try it now too?

The staff was so friendly and helpful at BottleRocket!  It really seems to be an anchor in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood. If I lived in the Castleberry ‘hood, Bottle Rocket would be my Cheers.

180 Walker St.
Atlanta, GA 30313
404 574-5680
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Extras: Free Street Parking or in the No Mas lot!

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