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Butcher’s Market, Woodstock, Atlanta, GA

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This market of sorts is located off of Highway 92 in Woodstock, very close to the Cobb / Cherokee line. I’d always pass by it on my way home from a hike on a nearby trail. The smell of BBQ wafted into my car on warm spring days when I have my windows down. So, I definitely needed to check The Butcher’s Market out for the guide book I’m writing for Atlanta.

I entered and saw some small aisles with fruits and spices, marinades and other grocery-esque items. There is also a large seating area in the middle of the market and I suspect it gets rather full on weekends. They have a deli and prepare New York sandwiches. They use Boar’s Head meat and also offer homemade sides of chicken, tuna and egg salad. But the most popular item is their BBQ. I sampled the Smoked Beef Brisket and it was divine. It is slow smoked for 12 hours. Owner Tom tells me they are the only place in Atlanta to offer pulled beef brisket. Sandwiches are a deal at only $4.99 each.

The real highlight of the Butcher’s Market is the meat of course. In talking with owner, Tom, he tells me that they cut the meat right there which is not a luxury available at most grocery stores nowadays. At grocers, all meat is pre-cut and pre-packaged. I wish I had visited the Butcher’s Market last month when decided to cook Short Ribs. They have a much better selection than the two sad packages I found at Kroger.

In addition to a great selection of steaks, The Butcher’s Market makes their sausages in house. The selection was plentiful. There was even a ton of bacon to choose from. Pork lovers rejoice.

The prices seem pretty reasonable from what I can tell. I don’t buy steaks a lot but, I’m willing to pay a bit more for a fresher and better cut of meat. Sausages and bacon were about 5 -6 dollars a pound which is just a bit more than what I’ve seen at the grocer. But I can only imagine how much better the taste is when something is made fresh in-house. And bacon without all the nitrates that are found in the packaged variety? Yes, please.

If you have reason to be up in the Marietta/Woodstock area, I highly suggest a trip over to the Butcher’s Market. Stock up on their unique sausages or get a great Ribeye to throw on the grill. After you’ve picked up your meat of choice, stay for a Beef Brisket Sandwich.

14205 Ga. 92
Woodstock, GA 30188
770 288 2437

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