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Callaway Gardens: a full day’s adventure [fun with or without kiddos]

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It has been decades since I’d been to Callaway Gardens. I remember going as a kid with my family. I’d never been back because it seemed like such a long haul from Atlanta and well…there just didn’t seem to be that much to interest me. But all of that has seemed to have changed for the better at Callaway Gardens when I heard about all the adventures to be found there.

I’d heard that they’d added a Treetop Adventure at Callaway Gardens which certainly piqued my interest. On a glorious Saturday in March, we trekked out to Callaway Gardens. Although my GPS had calculated a two hour trip time, it really only ended up being 1.5 hours.

Upon entering Callaway Gardens, it was nice that they don’t charge you to park. Just pay your admission fee and parking is a breeze. We walked around for just a bit and took in the view of the lake – oh so peaceful.

Thanks to Single in Atlanta for sharing her pics with me.

Not too long after, we were headed out to the Treetop Adventure. This adventure includes 5 zip lines as well as 19 more sections comprised of ladders, wires, logs, discs, netting and other suspended surfaces. Cost is $30 not including entrance into Callaway. Participants must balance as they make their way across each challenge. We loved it, but this is definitely a challenging exercise for those who are pretty fit.

Photo cred: Blue Bird Patch.

They do take reservations at Callaway Gardens for the treetop adventures and it is a good idea to make them as we heard some people saying they couldn’t get in as there were no more reservations available. Also, keep in mind that you can only move as fast as the person in front of you since only one person is allowed per challenge at a time.

A couple tips about the Treetop Adventure at Callaway Gardens:

  • Make sure you wear shorts or pants that have some sort of zipper pockets for storing your phone or camera, otherwise you could lose it.
  • It is best suited for groups of no more than 4 to 6 people of equal athletic skills.
  • Make your reservation early as it gets busier as the day goes on.

Fuel up on site at Callaway Gardens for your all day outdoor adventures

After working up an appetite, we headed for the Discovery Cafe for lunch before moving onto to our next activity. The cafe has a mix of burgers, sandwiches, wraps and such. It is a perfect stop for some fuel before you get busy with your next activity. Another bonus? They don’t stick it to you with the pricing like some other amusement centers. Pricing is pretty reasonable.

Next we were off to rent bikes and take advantage of the miles of bike trails at Callaway. I think it had been more than 20 years since I’d ridden a bike. Maybe I’m an idiot, but riding a bike didn’t “just come back to me.” It took me a while to get used to it again. Once I did, it was a blast.

The bike trails at Callaway span much of the area taking riders on a beautiful tour of the resort and definitely allow for a scenic ride. Our route was to make our way from the nearby the Discovery Center over to the Lake – about three miles.

Blissful relaxation for water lovers after a full day’s adventure at Callaway Gardens

The lake at Callaway Gardens is spectacular! And I’m saying this as someone who isn’t a fan of lakes. This is the world’s largest manmade, white sand beach–it stretches a mile around 65-acre Robin Lake. Although it wasn’t summer, there were several groups stretched out on the sand, soaking up the sun. During the summer, there’s so much to do there – water skiing, Aqua Island, Blaster Boats and more!

Before leaving, we stopped in for a quick peak in the Butterfly Garden. This was an extremely popular exhibit that day. People of all ages were admiring the colorful butterflies flying all around us.

Of course, we only scratched the surface of what there is to do at Callaway Gardens. There’s Golf, Tennis, Hiking Trails, the Birds of Prey show and of course the summer activities when the beach is open.

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