Catfish Hox: southern goodness in Marietta

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Catfish Hox in East Cobb / Marietta feature a menu that has a delightful twist on southern favorites. Plus there’s a Big Green Egg beckoning you to come inside and sample some of the Chef’s dishes.

I asked Phil Creasor, chef and owner of Catfish Hox, where the name came from? He said it was his mom’s maiden name and it was his way of honoring his mom, who taught him so much about cooking. His roots are Filipino and his wife is from Atlanta where he learned more of the southern favorites that you’ll find on the menu at Catfish Hox.

There’s more than just catfish on the menu – barbecue, salad and even blue crab can be found at this Marietta favorite.

But he isn’t a self taught chef. He’s a veteran (Marines), and after serving, he knew cooking was his passion. He trained at Johnson and Wales in Florida and even opened up the Hard Rock Cafe there. But lucky for us Atlantans, he wanted to be closer to family and moved back to Georgia and opened Catfish Hox in 2016.

The motto at Catfish Hox is “Fresh southern chow” and while I like it, there’s so much more to be found here. I mean just take a look at all the offering I captured in the picture above. I do love their creative spin on “chicken and waffles” with catfish and waffles. If you like catfish this is the spot to get it. At first I wondered how strange it would be to drizzle syrup over catfish. But after one bite of catfish and waffle, I was sold. I hope they don’t ever take this off the menu.

Chicken and waffles is so 2015. Go for Catfish and waffles!

Still, if you just can’t get your mind wrapped around the seafood / maple syrup / waffle combo but still want catfish you are in luck! There are still other ways to have it at Catfish Hox. See below the Tomahawk tacos which are available on the daily menu but you can get them on #TacoTuesdays for $2.50 a piece. And they are chock full of catfish, so you definitely get your money’s worth.


Tomahawk tacos at Catfish Hox are just $2.50 on #TacoTuesday and wash it down with an Estrella beer.

But I had mentioned a Big Green Egg, right? They cook pulled pork and delicious wings on that as well. They call this entree the “Oink and Cackle”. Don’t overlook the corn hush puppies that come with this entree either.

Blue crab is a seasonal item, served in a crab boil style. Yum!


The seating inside Catfish Hox isn’t huge, so I’d recommend coming at an off peak dining time or for dinner during the week so you don’t have to wait for a table. We were able to get in easily on Tuesday evening with no wait, but I’m thinking this is a popular spot for families to visit on weekends. So, definitely plan your visit accordingly, especially if you are driving from a distance to come here.

Catfish Hox owners, Vivian and Phil Creasor

Make sure to check Catfish Hox’s website before heading in for a visit. Hours vary slightly. They are closed Mondays, open for lunch Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and dinner on every day but Sunday.

Catfish Hox website 

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