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LOOK Cinemas in Brookhaven: Movies, Drinks and Restaurant in One

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I rarely go out to movies these days. The cost seems pretty high and the majority of the movies are crap. But the biggest barrier for me is the hassle of it all. You have to make sure to get to the theatre early enough to get a good seat and then you are forced to watch commercials until the previews. Um, isn’t that why I’m paying for the movie, so I don’t have to see commercials? Then when the movie does start you have the pleasure of people talking, screaming babies, and texting tweens. Who wants to deal with all of that? That’s why I was happy to discover LOOK Cinemas in Town Brookhaven.

Look, is a movie and restaurant in one.  You can reserve your seats ahead of time. You aren’t just pre-purchasing tickets, but selecting your actual seats, allowing you to simply walk into the theatre about five minutes before the movie starts. But here’s what I really like about the theatre – they don’t allow anyone under 21 inside after 6pm. Sounds like a perfect date spot to me.

The lobby is beautiful. It resembles more a luxurious playhouse rather than a movie theatre. They even project old movies onto the wall. I could see why people would want to come here and hang out and sip on tasty cocktails. By the way, their mojitos are delicious. If you are eating dinner there, like we were, you’ll need to be in your seat 30 minutes ahead of time to place your order. There is no service inside the theatre once the previews start.

We ordered a couple appetizers and entrees along with drinks.

Wines are available in three different sizes: 6 oz 10 oz, and bottle. If all can agree on a bottle this is obviously your better value. However, the 10 oz pours we had, were perfect as they lasted throughout most of the movie, albeit pricey, at nearly $20 a pour for this size.

. It was nice that while we were enjoying our meal prior to the previews, we didn’t have to listen to obnoxious commercials. Instead, LOOK  displays beautiful nature scenes. That’s right – patrons aren’t forced to sit through any obnoxious commercials.

No Commercials
Reserved Seats
No kids allowed in evenings

When the servers take your order, they transmit it to the kitchen via their hand held device. They take your payment right from your seat.  Just sign it and you are all set. So, when the movie is over, just leave.

Look Cinemas sound like the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon to me.

1004 Town Blvd
Atlanta, Ga 30319
Cinebistro Website

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