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One of parts of town I regret not having time to explore more is Buford Highway. However, since writing my book, I have had several treks up and down Buford Highway exploring the many diverse restaurants. And I’m trying to make it a point to hit up restaurants on that side of town even more frequently. One restaurant I’ve made several trips to is Crawfish Shack Seafood restaurant.

As far as ethnic cuisines go, this is one of the less intimidating restaurants (ie easy to communicate with staff, English menu, recognizable menu items) on Buford Highway. Crawfish Shack has developed quite a following, especially since it was written up in the New York Times. It can be hard to locate, so make sure you use your GPS as you could easily drive right past the strip mall in which it is located. Once you do find it, you’ll like the seafood-esque decor.

The menu is a mix of both steamed and fried seafood, Po-Boys and of course Crawfish. Although I’d wanted to give the Po-Boys a try, I haven’t been able to resist their meal combos. They come with choice of Shrimp, Crawfish, and fish (Grouper, Catfish, Tilapia, Snapper) and two side item choices. At under $10, they are a deal!

The fried shrimp and fish are quite tasty. Sides of fries, potatoes and corn on the cobb were equally delicious. However, don’t pay the $2.00 upgrade to get eggrolls with your meal – totally not worth it. Each time I’ve been to Crawfish Shack, I’ve hoped to get their house made Beignets, only to be told they were sold out. The cashier told me they tend to run out of them every day. Hmmm, here’s and idea, maybe you could, I don’t know, make more?? No matter, I’ll still make the trek over to BuHi to have that tasty Cajun fare.

4337 Buford Highway Map
Atlanta, GA 30341
404 929 6789
Crawfish Shack Website

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