DAS BBQ in Midtown: where barbecue and sides are top notch

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Head to DAS BBQ in Midtown for the juiciest brisket and mouth-watering sides in Atlanta

Disclosure: My meal was complimentary.

Barbecue is in Stephen Franklin’s blood. He grew up surrounded by those in the business, but there’s a lot more to Franklin (pictured above) than business and barbecue smarts. He’s so passionate about what he does, his enthusiasm is infectious. He met me and my family at DAS BBQ last month and shared his outstanding barbecue menu items with us. Pro tip: Don’t miss out on the brisket!

das bbq atlanta best brisket
Brisket and ribs at DAS BBQ in West Midtown

You really need a crew when you visit DAS BBQ. There are so many sides you need to sample. More on that below, but make sure to visit at off peak times, as I’m sure this is a very popular spot on weekends with families in the neighborhood. While this is barbecue, there are special touches like the bread, produced by Holeman & Finch (Stephen was especially excited about this feature). You know what got me excited? I mean besides the brisket and ribs I’d been craving all day? The spicy creamed corn (above). I know it doesn’t look like much from the picture, but trust me when I tell you, that is one drool worthy side.


das bbq german barbecue restaurant
Sausage and German potato salad from DAS BBQ

What’s your opinion of sides at barbecue restaurants? Mine? I think they are often afterthoughts. Brunswick stew? Pass. It is too much like barbecue sauce to begin with. Potato salad? Usually too creamy. Mac and cheese? Not usually worth the calories. Cole slaw? Eh. But what I noticed immediately was how incredibly wonderful the sides at DAS BBQ are. Again there’s so many German influences, especially notable in the slaw with its slightly sweet vinegar dressing and the potato salad, with onion and vinegar too. Oh and that mac and cheese Stephen is holding (below left) – totally worth the calories.

das bbq mac and cheese atlanta
DAS BBQ’s mac and cheese is totally worth the calories

Of course I tried all three sauces. I’m glad they only have three sauces at DAS BBQ because more than that and it can get confusing. My favorite was a mix of the GA Peach and DAS Red sauce. It was perfect on the ribs and my brisket.

das bbq barbecue sauce flavors roamilicious

After we were done stuffing our faces with tasty DAS BBQ, we got a private tour of the smokers. Glen even got to play pit master for a minute. I think he’d be pretty good at it, don’t you? Oh my goodness, that brisket looks so delicious. Once we saw those smokers at work and tasted the meats from DAS BBQ we knew we had to get a smoked turkey breast from them for our Christmas celebration. I didn’t think the breast would be so large, which is fine since we were only feeding four on this particular Christmas get together but we had leftovers for quite some time. So, if you are thinking about caterers for your next event, consider DAS BBQ!

pitmaster das bbq in atlanta
Touring the smokers at DAS BBQ in Atlanta

If you ask nicely, you may get to tour the back where the smokers are at DAS BBQ. Smokers are named Lefty and Poncho. Say hello for me if you see them at DAS BBQ!

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