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KR Steakbar: a steakhouse fit for a sexy date night

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KR Steakbar in Buckhead is a wonderful choice for a date night, but the menu has so many tempting choices you’ll want a big group or big appetite to taste all the incredible meat and pasta dishes at this Buckhead, Atlanta restaurant!

If you are dining solo, grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a cocktail!

I’m not one to order Collard Greens, but when they are part of a pork belly dish, I’m all in.  And the appetizer ones at KR Steakbar in Atlanta are incredible. But honestly you can’t go wrong with any of the starters and it is a tough choice. I mean, do you mix and match to make the perfect charcuterie plate? Order the luscious meatballs? Or pass these up for the Collard Greens at KR Steakbar? If you have a group, you can order all of these. And if you are celebrating with a group there is a private dining room at KR Steakbar you can book.

Even if you plan on order steak at KR Steakbar, you should still get the pork belly and collard greens starter at this Atlanta spot.
The meatballs are hard to resist at KR Steakbar in Buckhead.

But I wasn’t there with a big group. I was there for date night. But that didn’t stop us from having lots of tasty dishes at KR Steakbar (our favorite was the pork belly and collard greens). Speaking of dates, their leather booths are super cozy. We were only into our first cocktail, before we decided to sit side by side. Not only did it allow for a terrific view of the restaurant, but it sure is nice to cozy up to your date and makes it lots easier for sharing dishes.


Though KR Steakbar is a steak restaurant, there are a bevy of fantastic pasta dishes at the Italian influenced restaurant.


I love pasta! I could NEVER be one of those Atkins / Keto dieters. And KR Steakbar has several pasta dishes that you shouldn’t pass up. This is another reason this restaurant is so perfect for a group outing. For an romantic evening, at least order one of these pasta dishes to share. We got the Pappardelle with beef and pork ragu. Even given the $15 price tag, it was a large dish and a generous portion of meat.

After all this food, the question is did you save room for steak? I mean, it is the star of the show here. My favorite cut of steak at KR Steakbar is the Spinalis (see pic at the top of this page). You won’t find this cut of steak on many restaurant menus as it is quite hard to come by. This coveted cut of steak is also known as the Ribeye cap. Just a couple bites was all I could muster after the goodies I’d had listed above.

Just because you are done eating, doesn’t mean your are done with date night. Head to the attached speakeasy at KR Steakbar

But I was still in the mood for a nightcap…er…to finish off my fancy Montepulciano my date insisted on getting! So, the good news is was we could still savor our bottle of wine, just in a difference ambiance. In fact, just steps away (through the KR Steakbar kitchen) is a fun speakeasy! Continue the party or date night here = just ask your server to take you to the secret bar!