Adventures in eating: Create your own flavor at this donut shop in Atlanta!

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Have you ever wanted to make your own doughnuts? Okay, I don’t mean like from scratch, but decide the sauce, toppings and all the goodies to go on top? Well you can at this fun donut spot in Atlanta!

DaVinci’s Donuts are like old fashioned donuts, with a cake-like quality. With a handful of these ready to go, I was ready to use them as my canvas, choosing from toppings like oreo, coconut, fruity pebbles, sprinkles and more.

Owner, Melissa Rudd, coached me on becoming a donut artist.

DaVinci’s Donuts are smaller than your average donut, I’d say about half of the size. And the good news is that they are just 60  calories. Of course, that doesn’t include the toppings, but still better than your average dessert….or breakfast food, depending on when you like to eat your donuts.

While customers aren’t allowed to go behind the counter and play with their own toppings, DaVinci’s does have a list of their toppings on their menu and you can easily see what they are from the other side of the counter. Just tell the donut barista (is that a thing?) what you want and they’ll do it for you.

So hard to pick from all the incredible toppings!

I couldn’t resist having a bite of my own strawberries and coconut creation as soon as I got in the car. How was it? Spectacular. Thanks to DaVinci’s Donuts and Melissa Rudd for having me in and for sending me home with a complimentary box of donuts to share with family and friends.

Couldn’t resist taking a bite before heading home!

DaVinci’s Donuts has two Atlanta locations: Alpharetta and Sandy Springs. Besides the donuts, they have artisan coffees and Espresso Cappuccino and more. The also carry premium teas. You can get a box of four for $4.95 or be the most popular person in the office and get a box of 16 assorted for $14.25.

DaVinci’s Donuts Website