Drag show in Atlanta – the Ultimate guide to LIPS Atlanta

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What is this Atlanta Drag Show like?

Lips drag show is located off of Buford Highway very close to interstate 85 in Atlanta. There are many lights and sparkling decor in this over top drag spot. That’s not even including the performers all decked out in beautiful dresses and perfect makeup. Dang, do they look good!

Where is the best place to sit for this Atlanta drag show?

As most dinner and show places will say, there’s not a bad seat. See an image below of tables and the stage. To the left are more tables and booths. They are more elevated for decent view of the stage. And don’t forget the performers do walk around in the crowd. To the right is the bar. I suppose this is where walk-ins sit.

If you want to see ALL the action at this drag show in Atlanta, then request a table right up front when making your reservation. But I rather liked my table off to the side. There were also some tables in the very back that look like a great view and a lot of fun!

Do the singers actually sing at the at the drag show in Atlanta?

Nope. It is just lip synching but they are very good. The performers make their way on stage as their song begins and strut around the venue “singing” and dancing and collecting their bucks. They recommend you bring dollars but if you don’t have they have plenty of change.

View of stage at LIPS drag show Atlanta

Are the drag shows the same each night at Lips Atlanta?

No. They have different shows and different pricing

Wednesday – Twisted Broadway – this features a unique spin on the traditional show tunes you love.

Thursday – Mega Hits

Friday / Saturday (two shows each night) A night with the Divas

Sunday – Brunch show and Sunday Evening show with Mega hits

Pros of this Drag Show in Atlanta

Good place to celebrate a birthday

Get lots of attention on your Birthday at LIPS drag show in Atlanta

Plenty of people choose to celebrate their Birthday at Lips Atlanta. There are long tables for both birthday celebrations and bachelorette parties here. It is a good choice to have a celebration for a large group of people. Plus the birthday boy or girl gets a moment on stage with two of the drag queens and their picture taken. At the end of the evening they will give them a signed birthday card too! When I visited we had one lady that was turning 99 celebrating her birthday at LIPS! Protip: you can even bring in your own cake and they don’t charge extra for this.

Dinner and a show for one price at this Atlanta drag show

If you do that math, dinner and a show can get expensive. What would you expect to pay for an evening out with dining and entertainment? The drag shows on Friday and Saturday nights are most popular for celebrations, so they are the most expensive at $44 (not inclusive of drinks or gratuity). For our group on a Saturday night we ended up paying $90 per person when you added in drinks (we had about 2 per person) and tips.

Good food and large portions at Lips drag show in Atlanta

I didn’t expect the food to be good at all. Surprisingly, I found the food to be quite tasty. To start, everyone gets a Caesar salad, no other option. Then you choose an entree (Friday and Saturday nights have a little better menu than other nights). They have a couple of Vegetarian options (pasta, curry), and perennial favorites like salmon, pork chop and chicken parm.

My pork chop is pictured below. It was juicy and the mac and cheese was yummy. Others in the group devoured the chicken parm! The birthday boy ordered the salmon and enjoyed that entree as well.

Pork chop with Mac and Cheese at Lips Drag Show Atlanta

Free and plentiful parking at Lips drag show

Though the parking lot at Lips may be a little uneven at least it is free. Plus it loops all the way around the back and onto the other side of the building so there’s ample parking for guests, especially when you consider that many people take a ride sharing app here since they are going to be drinking.

Cons of this Atlanta Drag show spot

It can get expensive to attend this Atlanta drag show

On a weekend night expect to pay about double the listed price once you add in a couple drinks and the auto gratuity. I’m glad I went once but it would be hard to justify the price of $90. It is also a lot of money to ask your friends to spend for a night out. If you want to make it a little cheaper, do the brunch which has unlimited mimosas or bloody marys.

Tons of birthdays and bachelorette parties at this drag show

There are tons of bachelorette parties on weekends at Lips Atlanta Drag Show

Wait? That’s a pro of this drag show in Atlanta, right? How can it also be a con? The problem with all the big group celebrations is everyone gets a moment on stage. So, out of the two hours of “entertainment” a bulk of it is the celebrations on stage. I wish they would limit the celebrations to 10 each (birthdays and bachelorettes). As it was there were about 25 to 30 birthday celebrations. For our two hours, we ended up actually seeing only 6 or 7 performances from Divas. I was a bit disappointed that we only got such a small amount of songs at this drag show in Atlanta.

If I were to go back again, I would choose another evening. Perhaps the Sunday evening performance would have less parties and more entertainment.

Mediocre service at Lips drag show

Okay, I understand that that the performers are your servers, but they are not doing everything. They have a ton of other helpers that bring refills, food, etc. so they aren’t that busy that they can’t even smile. Our server never smiled and actually I did not see any of the performers at this drag show in Atlanta smiling unless they were actually performing. But hey, you aren’t going to a drag show for the service you are going for a show.

Protip about this Atlanta drag show: they state on their website they only take four credit cards total per party. So there is no splitting of checks. Since it was mostly couples, it easily worked out in our group, but just be aware of how the payment works.

Watch my video from our LIPS Drag show in Atlanta here:

If you live in Atlanta and are dragcurious – wonder what a drag show in Atlanta is like, Lips is worth checking out. Keep the cons in mind though when making your plans.