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Exploring Downtown Norcross: where the best restaurants in this Atlanta suburb

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Here are 7 restaurants that you should visit in Norcross for a terrific culinary experience.

Earlier this year, I toured some place I’d never been – The Sweet Auburn Curb Market. For some place with such a variety of foods and vast cuisine, it was a wonder I had never been there before.

I’m not very familiar with Norcross and having just driven on some of the main streets like Jimmy Carter Blvd. I wasn’t too impressed. So, I was excited to see that this destination has some real gems. So check out these restaurants that are unique and not be overlooked in Norcross.

Start with proper British tea at Taste of Britain as your first stop on your Norcross restaurant tour. Proprietor Edna Berkshire has owned the store for most of its existence, carrying lots of British goodies, snacks and gifts. I just love the creamy tea they served us, and the scones were just lovely. They even had some Cadburry chocolates for us too. And if you’ve never had the ones from England, they are world of difference between the regular Cadburry’s we get here in the good ‘ol USA.

Next we visited Bleu House in Norcross. Besides sandwiches and homemade side dishes like pasta and other vegetables, you can get lots of other prepared foods to go. We tried the Bleu House Special – a chicken salad croissant as well as their home made brownies. These homemade brownies are extra sweet – topped with a brown sugar crust.

The next two stops were rather quick as we had a schedule to maintain. After all this noshing, it was time to indulge in an adult beverage. And Mojito’s had us covered with their special Mojitos. So light and refreshing on this sunny day. Can’t wait to visit again and sample some Cuban cuisine. Then we strolled over to 45 South, a coffee shop that serves breakfast and lunch. Their coffee went well with the spicy chicken sausage we sampled.

Italian was next for us on our downtown Norcross tour and Paizanos hooked us up with some potent Sangria and fresh and tasty Margerita pizza. Don’t fret if you are wondering where the meat-centric dishes are. Our next stop at Zapata in Norcross afforded us plenty of meat. They don’t serve tacos or burritos as they say they are more authentic Mexican. We had a dish called Molcajetes which has chicken, beef, shrimp, cheese, peppers and onions in it. The dish is served up piping hot wit the strips of meat hanging off the side.

Lastly, make sure to visit Dominick’s Italian restaurant as your final stop in Norcross. They are pretty famous for their garlic bread and after having some, I can see why. And their huge calamari and marinara sauce were the perfect end to our Norcross tour.

It was so much fun to explore a new part of town. Even if the drive is lengthy, you can still make an afternoon of it, like I did.

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