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Food Terminal, Buford Highway, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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Food Terminal is a Malaysian restaurant open on Buford Highway

Food Terminal, the restaurant from the owners of Sweet Hut, (Buford Highway and Midtown) opened a couple months ago with much excitement. Located in a strip mall off of Buford Highway with a many other restaurants and shops -you may find parking difficult at peak times. The interior is sleek and modern, way different from many of the other restaurants you’ll find on Buford Highway. The owners of Food Terminal hosted me for dinner, though I’ve been back a second time already since there was much more I wanted try.

Food Terminal Atlanta restaurant Review

Have a hard time deciding what to have when you go to a restaurant? Then Food Terminal might not be suited for you. The menu is as thick as a magazine (see below). On my first visit to Food Terminal, I deliberately arrived earlier than my dining companion, wanted to get the full scope of the menu before she arrived. Even with about 10 minutes perusing the menu, I was dizzy trying to decide what to get. Next time, I’m gonna bring a big group so we can jus sample a bit of everything.

Food Terminal atlanta review dishes
Food Terminal’s menu is as thick as a magazine, with plenty of mouth-watering choices.

First up was the Roti Canai – Food Terminal’s chicken curry, daal (spicy lentil gravy) and bread. It had just the right amount of spice, though I wish the chicken was boneless. Another dish I’ll be getting on return visits is the Shiitake Ground Pork (pictured above). The Cheong Fun (Rice Noodles) break up easily and do an easy job of absorbing the sauce and the mushrooms add an earthy and almost crunchy texture to the dish.

They also have Baos at Food Terminal. Baos are like sliders but usually with a bao the bun is soft and slightly sweet. I would have preferred a softer bun, but the contents of the pork belly and tofu were incredible. I’d skip the bulgogi one, though.

Food Terminal Grandma pork
Grandma BBQ Pork is a must order dish at Food Terminal

For mains, you should get at least one noodle dish of which they have more than twenty. Our server recommended the 6-hour Braised Beef and it surpassed our expectations. Another signature dish, the Grandma BBQ Pork is a must order. Crispy and sweet, you probably won’t have any leftovers of this dish to bring home.

If you love the sweets at Sweet Hut Bakery, then surely you’ll enjoy the desserts from Food Terminal. My friend dining with me remarked how lovely the desserts that she’d come back for those alone. We tried two different ice creams: one made with a red bean (signature item used in many Korean desserts) and a mango ice cream with chunks of mango in them. After the near dozen dishes we tried, it was so good we couldn’t let one drop go to waste.

food terminal restaurant atlanta review
Ice cream at Food Terminal in Atlanta. Mango is the winner!

Pricing is so affordable, you won’t mind going back several times to eat your way through the menu at Food Terminal. Appetizers are just around $6 and entrees are just $10 or $11 with portions so generous you’ll be able to make another meal out of them.

Food Terminal website
5000 Burford Highway
Chamblee, GA

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