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Hankook Taqueria, Westside, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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Having heard many good things about Hankook Taqueria, I’m ashamed to admit it took me this long to pay them a visit. Hankook opened about a year ago in a small building off of Collier Road. Hankook Taqueria isn’t your average taco joint though, it’s Korean tacos.

The Korean taco craze hit a couple years ago, with Kogi BBQ out in California. These are Korean Tacos that are sold out of a truck, moving to various locations around the LA area. They have grown to a loyal following, announcing locations via Twitter. As recent as a couple weeks ago, the city of Atlanta FINALLY granted it’s first food truck permit. The name is Yumbii and they sell the Korean tacos developed by Hankook Taqueria.

If you are set on visiting Hankook, the restaurant, I would suggest getting there a little before noon or very close to 1 pm. Otherwise, expect to wait in line for a while. Head down Collier Road and keep and eye out for the Ryder truck Rentals – Hankook Taqueria is right a across the street. Parking is limited, which is another reason to avoid the crowds.

There’s also no table service at Hankook. You order at the counter, they take your name and then call out your order when it is ready, which on the day I visited was fairly quickly. The staff is extremely friendly though. And the lack of table service helps to keep prices low.

The menu is pretty simple at Hankook. Choices are tacos, burritos (standard chicken, beef, pork, fish, tofu, shrimp) and what they like to call “Street Snacks” which are really what most would consider appetizers. These “Street Snacks” are spicy pork sliders, tempura fried sweet potatoes, fried dumplings and a firedog – spicy hot dog with kimchee.

Although there were five of us in the party, we almost all ordered from the specials menu that particular day. Options were calamari taco, beef brisket with horseradish sauce and sesame fries with sea salt and crushed red pepper. A couple ordered a third taco: the spicy pulled pork with Korean BBQ sauce.

After having a bite of the Pork taco, I was glad I got what I got. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, and the pork was tender, but the sauce wasn’t very spicy as indicated. And it is important to note that these are pretty Americanized tacos. My Korean friend pointed out that they would never have pulled pork as an option.

So, you’ve got to accept it for what it is. If you can get over that, then you can have a damn good meal. My calamari taco was perfectly prepared and full of fried calamari rounds. And the beef brisket was delicious and another generous portion as well. At only $2.25 per taco, this is a steal. The portions are way more than what you would get at Taqueria del Sol down the street.

The fries are a pretty big portion as well. Two or even three could share one order as it is pretty large. And, although I thought the fries had a nice flavor, I’d probably choose to order the tempura fried Korean sweet potatoes, were I to visit Hankook Taqueria again. It may not end up as a go-to restaurant for you, but it’s definitely a departure from the ordinary, and definitely has loyal customers in those that live and work nearby.

1341 Collier Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 352 8881


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