Heirloom Market BBQ, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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Just visited Heirloom Market BBQ for the first time with a couple tweeps – @GJatlusa and @burgerandbrew. If you are not already following these dudes, you should be. We had a fabulous lunch at Heirloom Market and it was great to finally meet them IRL (in real life).

So, I had no idea Heirloom Market BBQ was this teeny tiny spot situated next to a convenience store. However, lots of others did as this place was hopping when we visited last Friday at lunch. We entered and stood in line to place our orders. Even though the line is long, they get orders out quickly.

Heirloom Market only has one actual table for seating, right in the middle of restaurant…err…room. The remaining seating consists of about 10 -12 bar stools that you pull up against the wall. They have a large patio for outdoor seating but no tables or chairs and a sign clearly states no outdoor eating – not sure why.

Korean BBQ sandwich with kimchee coleslaw

Staff was very friendly and helpful. It was pretty busy and I half expected the order taker to roll her eyes at me when I said I wasn’t ready, but she was super cool, telling me to take my time. So we ordered their lunch specials – brisket and korean bbq sandwiches along with sides of collards, brunswick stew and the korean spiced sweet potatoes.

*Settler Sauce -Carolina Style, Vinegar, Peppers
*Table Sauce -Tennessee Style, Smokey, Sweet
*Kitchen Sauce-Texas Style, Fresh, Peppery
*KB Sauce-korean Style, Sweet, Spicy

Oh my goodness, was this lunch ever good. I think I could go back and make a lunch strictly out of their sides and not be disappointed but I’m anxious to visit again and sample ribs, etc. And I’m not really a big fan of BBQ in the first place. I recommend getting your order to go or visit at off-peak hours as parking is limited an can be an issue. We even noticed a couple of guys who brought folding chairs with them, setting up in the parking lot. Obviously they are seasoned veterans.

2243 Akers Mill Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30339

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