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Jeff Varasano moved to Atlanta several years ago as a software consultant. He found that the restaurants that claimed to be New York Style pizza here in Atlanta were nothing like what he had back home in New York. So, unhappy with the quality of pizzas he found here in Atlanta he set out to make his own pizza.

One of the things he found was that pizza is made when pizza is cooked on very high temperature, like 1000 degrees not the 500 degree temp like most home kitchens reach. So, he lopped of the safety lock and set his over on clean to achieve his optimal temperature for pizza baking. Much testing of ingredients and dough led to tastings in his home for 10 to 20 people at a time.

Through his research, testing and sampling, he found the best pizza is made with a high quality crust and can be baked in 2 minutes.

Jeff Varasano working his magic on a Rubik\'s Cube
Jeff Varasano working his magic on a Rubik’s Cube

And back in March, he finally quit is job in software consulting and opened Varasano’s Pizza in Atlanta. I recently visited and the pizza is pretty tasty – extremely thin crust with high quality ingredients. On August 2nd, NPR’s All Things Considered interviewed Jeff Varasano of Varasano’s Pizza.

You can listen to the interview here.

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