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Kyma restaurant in Atlanta – The Tasting menu every seafood lover has to try

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From the moment you walk in to Kyma restaurant in Buckhead, it oozes with a sort of specialness you don’t often find at restaurants.

Below is a sampling of the seafood menu. But if you like you can get smaller portions by ordering from the Ouzo bar menu. However I really think the way to go is with the tasting menu. You get an assortment of spreads like hummus, three appetizers to share. See some of the ones to choose from below. And then you get to split an entree for $47 per person.

Protip: Even if you don’t want to splurge for the special tasting menu or a full meal inside Kyma, you can check out the patio- open year round with heaters. Many regulars know this is where the fun is at. Have drinks and light appetizers here like calamari or Octopus or Lobster morsels.

Here’s some seafood porn from Kyma to get you thinking about what you’ll order when you visit this sensational Buckhead restaurant in Atlanta.


If you like tuna tartare this is a perfect choice as the portion is plentiful and pairs so well with the shredded filo on top. I know, tuna tartare is like on every menu, but trust me, you don’t want to miss out on it at Kyma.

Shrimp – wrapped in shredded filo at Kyma restaurant Kyma-shrimp-filo-buckhead-restaurant

If you are looking at the seafood menu and are overwhelmed with choices it may be easy to overlook shrimp, but honestly these are some of the best things we tried on the menu. The crunchy outer shell giving way to the sweet succulent shrimp inside was the perfect balance.

Scallops at Kyma – sautéed scallops over yellow split pea puree


For me, scallops are something I don’t necessarily crave, and even when I do have them, one is tasty and just perfect. A little goes a long way (I think). That’s what is great about this plate at Kyma. You get a little taste of scallop.

Octopus at Kyma restaurant in Buckhead

Perfectly prepared Octopus at Kyma Restaurant in Buckhead Atlanta

Octopus can be tricky – if it isn’t cooked just right it can dry or rubbery. I can attest to having more bad octopus dishes than good ones. This one, at Kyma, is wood oak grilled and the olives and capers complete the mediterranean flare. I also think that having it in smaller pieces rather than long ones (large on one side and thin on the end) lends itself to more even cooking.
signature grilled octopus, red onions, greek olives and capers.


Lobster Morsels at Kyma  restaurant in Buckhead, Atlanta

These Lobster Morsels at Kyma in Buckhead in Atlanta are sensational

I’m a sucker for lobster in any form, but deep fry and it is perfect. Kyma’s is so perfectly done it basically melts in your mouth. You don’t even need the honey mustard served with it.

And believe it or not what you’ve just seen above is a prelude to the main course. Of course if you ask me, I could just have the small plates here at Kyma and leave full, fat and happy. But if you are dining with someone special you really want to indulge if you are celebrating…or not. Kyma is worth a splurge. For your entree you can choose to share the whole fish which they will debone and separate for you. Or if you feel you’ve had enough seafood get the lamb shank.



If you can manage it – there’s even a dessert mezze to choose from. Don’t miss out on the Baklava! Kyma restaurant in Buckhead continues to impress guests even after decades. It’s probably the best restaurant out of all the Buckhead Life Restaurants. Go and let me know if you agree!

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