Mediterranea, Grant Park, Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta has a restaurant that is entirely gluten free!

Mediterranea opened earlier this fall in Grant Park. When I talked with the co-owner Gerard Nudo, he modestly told me that they aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel, just focusing on many excellent food items that are already gluten free. They’re quite familiar with gluten free options as his partner, Gary is gluten intolerant. The space is modern and minimalist and it has a rooftop as well to enjoy.

However, Medterranea does have flatbreads and sandwiches at lunch and also has baked goods as well. As someone who doesn’t eat gluten free regularly, I’ve always found gluten free bread, desserts, etc revolting. Ordering the quartet of dips, I was interested to try the bread that’s served with it. To my surprise is was pretty tasty. The quartet of dips (pictured at the top) features a beet, eggplant, hummus, and white bean of which the eggplant was by far the best. The dolmas, or stuffed grape leaves, didn’t disappoint either and are also vegetarian.

mediterranea atlanta restaurant review gluten free
Shrimp and polenta at Mediterranea is one of the fabulous gluten free dishes

Though the menu at Medterranea is gluten free, there are many items that are also vegetarian and vegan as well.

Service was pretty good at Mediterranea. I asked our server for a recommendation on a red wine to pair with my shrimp and polenta. Simply stating she thought white would be better, she brought me the list to pick one. Sure, I know I “should” have white but I do love the reds and I wish she’d been able to recommend a glass, but that’s a minor thing. If beer’s your thing, they have several from local Atlanta brewery, Eventide which is just down the street and even a reduced and gluten free beer on the menu as well.

gluten free desserts atlanta
Spiced pear tart at Mediterranea (yes, all desserts are gluten free too!)

I was in for one last surprise before leaving. Gerard, gifted me with two of Medterranea’s breakfast treats for the next morning. One was a cheddar chive biscuit and the other, a berry scone. I cannot convey how good these tasted. The scone, with it’s sugary glaze was the perfect sweet treat for breakfast. I waited a full day to have the biscuit. Scared it would have hardened or something…I’ve had gluten free baked goods in the past where the taste just deteriorates for every couple of hours that goes by. But not this biscuit! It was flaky and savory and perfect with the poached egg I put on top of it. You nailed it, Mediterranea.

There’s plenty of street parking to be found along the sides streets in Mediterranea’s neighborhood, Grant Park.

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