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MIssion + Market in Buckhead: eye candy from design to dishes

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If I had a list of beautiful restaurants in Atlanta, Buckhead’s Mission + Market would definitely be on that list.

Disclosure: My meal at Mission + Market was complimentary but the opinions expressed are my own. 
I loved the Purple Rain cocktail (a riff on a gin and tonic) at M + M

Even before you enter the restaurant there’s an instagrammable background that many were already taking advantage of. And then there’s the interior of the restaurant with high ceilings and warm woods that play off the metal structures hanging from the ceilings. There’s more than color, though, there’s texture too at Mission + Market. The faux grass walls and turquoise velvet booths sound like they could be too much (almost gaudy in description), but they are actually quite beautiful in the upscale restaurant.

Mission + Market salad

Nothing at Mission + Market is an afterthought. Take for example the salad pictured below. It comes with shaved lettuce and radishes topped with pumpkin seeds and comes with a white balsamic dressing. And another one, the spinach salad with goat cheese and apple, was exceptional too with a clementine date dressing.

We stuck with seafood for our appetizers, with a tuna (Toro), which you can see below left and a scallop ceviche. While I enjoyed the ceviche, I thought the tuna was much more creative and the sauce and arugula made for a terrific presentation. Plus, if you are having salads this makes for a light appetizer that will still allow room for your dinner.

Mission + Market’s tuna and duck dishes

Luckily, my hubs and I are simpatico when it comes to the dishes we gravitate towards. We both honed in on the duck and fish special of snapper and we weren’t sorry with either of them. I do hope you’ll visit with someone who loves to share like I did! Because there are so many terrific dishes to be had at Mission + Market. My duck steak with slightly curried lentils (above right) was incredible. But that snapper, oh my goodness! Look at the burst of color with those flowers and those morels were amazing too.

If you love seafood, don’t miss out on fish specials when you are dining at Mission + Market in Buckhead. We loved this snapper!

One of the things I loved, besides the design or the food, or the drinks at Mission + Market is the noise level. Like Is said, it is perfect for celebration with a lovely atmosphere but the noise level is quite good, we never had to shout to hear each other as it should be when you are dining. Sadly, I find that to be the case at many Atlanta restaurants but thankfully not the case here.

The toughest decision of all was dessert. Torn between the bread pudding and pound cake (which our server told us were the two most popular desserts) we tried them both. Though I loved them both, maybe I loved the pound cake a bit more.

I love that several Atlanta restaurants are now offering varying menus throughout the day. Mission + Market offers lunch, dinner and a midday menu, perfect for snacking. I bet it would be great if you have a late afternoon meeting and are looking for somewhere quiet to go and still want a decent meal. Personally, I can’t wait to head back and try the brunch!