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Atlanta’s hottest haunt [everything you need to know about Netherworld Haunted House]

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Netherworld Haunted House is bigger and better after moving to Stone Mountain. With massive haunts, a museum, a now escape rooms, you’ll love all there is do at the best haunted house this Halloween season!

After more than two decades of production, the creators of Netherworld, one of the top rated haunted houses in the country, have learned a thing or two along the way about scaring us silly. After having a couple visits under my belt, I was excited to see how things had changed at the new Stone Mountain location of this perennial favorite Atlanta haunted house.

About 75,000 people come through Netherworld each season. The space has grown to encompass 40,000 feet, 125 actors and the costume room, which is the size of a small house, contains nearly 3,000 costumes.

As we toured through the different rooms and saw witches, psycho dolls, gigantic creatures, navigated spinning rooms, and dodged flying bodies, I came to understand what the appeal of Netherworld truly is. These guys are geniuses at creating something new and exciting each year.

“We want you to use all your senses,” says Ben. Not only is there a plethora of creepy sounds going on but during the show they even pipe in offensive scents into the air. And if you get sprayed in the mouth by the creepy dolls, well…”

There are lots of scary photo ops at Netherworld Haunted House in Stone Mountain, Altanta

What I really loved about Netherworld is that it is well thought out in that even when crowded, a group of people in front of you won’t necessarily spoil the surprise of what you might find when you enter a room. Many of the creatures are human operated, meaning they know just when to jump out and scare you. The rooms are small and the path twists and turns so you never know what the next room will hold.

While in the past, haunted houses had a theme of evil or terror, according to owner, Ben, now the trends are more about the supernatural and apocalyptic (think The Walking Dead). Knowing this, Ben and Billy work on incorporating that into Netherworld each year.

New this season at Netherworld Haunted House is Night of the Gorgon and Cold Blooded

I loved Night of the Gorgon more then Cold Blooded. Thought it was packed, I was still scared several times touring Cold Blooded. I think the special effects and scare tactics were just more…well…more of the everything in the former vs. the latter.

There’s a huge foam pit at Netherworld Haunted House

Here is my take on the most common questions about visiting Netherworld based on my experience

Is it worth the drive to Stone Mountain to visit Netherworld Haunted House?

I wondered that myself. I mean the previous location of this Atlanta haunted house was pretty massive. But I really was floored by the amount of space that they’ve added by moving to the new location. That being said, while I may be brave enough to go through both haunts, I am not brave enough to fight Atlanta’s horrendous weekday traffic. So, we visited the haunted house in Stone Mountain over the weekend. We encountered very little traffic coming and going.

Should I buy the speed pass when I visit Netherworld Haunted House or just wait in line?

The answer is, it depends. During the week, especially if you get to the haunted house in Stone Mountain early enough, I don’t think the lines would be too terribly long. Plus the weather in October, even in the evenings, in Atlanta is pretty mild so a short wait isn’t bad. Plus, when I visited I didn’t see them prohibiting people from having food or a drink (I had a bottle of water). So if you want to save the money, it is doable. BUT as we get closer to Halloween the lines will just get longer. And especially on weekends, you’ll want to spend the extra money for the speed pass.

The other thing you could do is buy a timed ticket. This kind of ticket allow entrance to front of the building on a specific date within a 30 minute window. The half hour entry window begins at the time listed on the ticket. This decrease the time you would wait if you opted for the general admission line for the Netherworld Haunted House. These are about $10 additional than the general admission cost.

How long should I plan to spend at Netherworld Haunted House?

I would estimate about two hours at Netherworld (not including waiting in line). That’s how long I spent and that included taking all the pictures. If you are someone who likes to spend more time the haunt, rather than quickly tour it, go on a weeknight when it will be less crowded, otherwise you will be encouraged to move along quickly. I estimate that we spent 20 – 25 minutes in each of these haunts in Atlanta’s Netherworld. The good news is that parking at this Atlanta haunted house is free and abundant. So, no worries about paying for parking or timing around that.


How should I dress to visit Netherworld Haunted House?

Dress like you are going to the beach. No joke. It is really hot in those haunted houses. The paths are small, they exude a lot of heat and there are massive amounts of people going through the haunts. It all leads to a toasty experience. I wore jeans but wish I had worn shorts. Also, I’m super thankful I wore flats instead of anything with heels. I had forgotten about the hall where it seems like you are spinning and there’s also one place that has a spinning floor and I would have most certainly fallen on my ass if I had been wearing heels.

Protip: I didn’t do my hair or my makeup since I assumed I would just be walking around a dark haunted house. But I had forgotten about all the amazing photo opps there are at Netherworld and so wished I had put more effort into my appearance.

I’m really into cosplay. Can I come dressed up to Netherworld Haunted House this Halloween season?

That’s gonna be a hard pass. You can see the obvious liability if they have people dressed up in costumes that could easily be confused with employees. So, while we saw lots of enthusiastic haunt fans dressed in black or with their favorite Halloween holiday season t-shirt, no visitors were in costume.

Netherworld is open every night beginning October 4th until October 31, plus is open on November 1-3 and November 8-9.

. Check out the video from Netherworld:

Prices for Netherworld haunted house are as follows:

$20 – $35  – NETHERWORLD Combo: Night of the Gorgon and Cold Blooded

$35 – $45 – Timed Entry  Combo: Night of the Gorgon and Cold Blooded

$55 – $60 – SPEEDPASS: Night of the Gorgon and Cold Blooded (skip the line!). This is the way to go! If you don’t get this, the lines are incredibly long, easily and hour wait to get inside.

Looking for a place to eat near Netherworld? Check out these three delicious restaurants.

The Mughals $
This restaurant serves a mixture of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine. Really want to get into the Halloween spirit? Order the brains masala. Yes, it’s actually on the menu. Not feeling quite so adventurous? The Chicken 65, curries, Biryani are sure to please.

Nam Phuong $$
For a taste of Vietnam, visit Nam Phuong. The restaurant has a popular Buford Highway location, and opened up this second location in Norcross. Menu highlights are the Catfish in Claypot, Salt and Pepper Tofu and Ground Shrimp with sugar cane.

Hae Woon Dae BBQ $$
This Korean barbecue is a terrific choice if you have a group of diners. The restaurant has grills in the center of the table for diners to cook their own food. It works well if you can order several dishes to share.

Atlanta’s best, scariest haunted house, Netherworld, creeps up again. Get ready to scream and run for your life all while having the best time at the haunts this Halloween season!