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Nobody Loves You is playing at the Horizon Theatre through April 30th.

People are stupid. That’s what we learn in the opening of Nobody Loves You. Smarty pants grad student Jeff snarks about the reality show his girlfriend, Tanya, is addicted to. In his words: “People can connect or perform, but not at the same time.”

Synopsis: Practical Jeff is in a relationship with Tanya, a hopeless romantic, hooked on the reality show, Nobody Loves Me. After he expresses his disinterest in the show, Tanya breaks up with Jeff, saying she’s going to try out for the show. He reluctantly tries out as well hoping to win Tanya back and in the process prove how silly the show is. Funny thing is they accept Jeff mostly for his disdain of the show and reject Tanya. In a not-so-surprising twist of events, Jeff actually falls for someone on the show.

nobody loves you review play theatre
Atlanta cast of Nobody Loves You. Credit: Horizon Theatre

I loved the show from start to finish. The cast is not only hilarious, delivering their lines perfectly, but also talented singers. Byron, the show’s host has a marvelous voice and I loved the original tunes that go along with Nobody Loves You, with songs like “So Much to Hate” and “People are Stupid.” But without getting on its soapbox, the play comically makes us look at how twisted reality tv really is while making us LOL.

Plus, what’s so great about the Horizon Theatre is that the venue is intimate so there’s really no bad seat in the house. It’s great to have incredible theatre at affordable pricing in Atlanta. Nobody Loves You is playing at the Horizon theatre through Sunday, April 3oth. Grab your tickets before they are gone. Note: I love the Sunday performance as it happens at 5 pm, which lets out around 7 and you are close to many fine dining options in Inman Park.

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