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9 reasons O-Ku Sushi in Atlanta is the perfect date night restaurant

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Looking for a date night spot that has sexy vibe and doesn’t cost a fortune? If you love sushi you need to check out O-Ku in Midtown, Atlanta!

1. Rooftop sunset skyline views at O-Ku

When it comes to a romantic date night, is there anything better than toasting with your sweetheart while taking in a gorgeous city skyline? O-Ku is just the spot to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail at sunset with your bae. If you are interested in snagging a spot, I’d recommend a reservation. Even if you are dining during a weekday the restaurant is quite popular so make sure to make a reservation. And if you want to dine on their rooftop make sure to request it.

2. Entertainment – watch a master sushi chef craft a delicious meal at O-Ku Atlanta

  When I was younger, dinner was a prelude to an evening out. Now, dinner tends to be the main attraction. Just recently we met some friends for dinner and we didn’t leave for 2 and a half hours. It was an enjoyable evening for all. I mean who goes to the movies anymore when you have Netflix right? And in these uncertain times, theatre and comedy shows don’t exist. Thank god for restaurants right? So, it was a joy to sit side by side and watch the sushi chef create the ultimate masterpiece sushi, sashimi and nigiri during our date night at O-Ku.

Watch the sushi chef craft a magical dish at O-Ku

3. Sexy atmosphere inside O-Ku sushi restaurant

  Nothing is worse than when you plan a romantic date night out and there are screaming kids running around. You won’t find this at O-Ku. I mean, I know people take their kids out for sushi, but the vibe here is not “yes-let’s-get-a-high-chair-for-your-table” thank goodness. O-ku has dark colors matched with dim lighting and the tables seem rather intimate.  

4. Great tips on what to order from the server so you can concentrate on your date


  Okay, I’ll admit when I am even thinking about going to a restaurant, I scour the menu to make sure there are plenty of things I would want to try. And O-Ku was no exception. So, I kind of have an idea of what I want but I always ask my server for their opinions. And don’t you just hate it when it’s obvious your server has tried zero items on the menu? Our server at O-Ku was fantastic at making recommendations. He was well versed on not only the cocktail menu but also the dining menu. He was able to steer me in the direction of a less sweet, more floral cocktail (The Shogun with gin and basil) vs. the slighter sweet one I had honed in on.  He also made some excellent recommendations on what appetizers were good and we absolutely loved his favorites like the Salmon Belly (it really does melt in your mouth)!

5. O-Ku’s menu encourages sharing which is always date worthy

Sushi sharing is definitely the way to go when you visit O-Ku in Atlanta – Bream and Salmon Belly pictured above

  I’m so glad I married a guy who eats everything (well just about) like me. The seaweed salad and Tuna tataki special were lovely to share but luckily we each had our own pieces of nigiri and sashimi. Funny enough, we were pleasantly full by the nigiri and sashimi (these are pieces of fish either entirely by themselves or served over ice) and never made it to having any of the restaurant’s signature sushi rolls. But given how well this date night went, we’re definitely going back!  

6. Tables at O-Ku sushi in Atlanta are intimate and you can talk without having to yell

  I’ve become accustomed to noisy restaurants. I don’t enjoy them, but I tolerate them. There are some that you have to yell so that your date can hear you and I’ve vowed not to return after that. I love that at O-ku you don’t have to worry about this. The noise level isn’t overwhelming. And even with the music, we could still engage in conversation without raising our voices. If this matters to you, then you’ll definitely want to add O-ku to your list of date night restaurants in Atlanta.  

7. Affordable but still quality sushi at O-Ku

The sushi at O-Ku is some of the highest quality but the prices are affordable.

  You know those restaurants where you save up to go to and it is a one time or maybe two time experience? While those types of restaurants have their place (hello Bacchanalia!) romantic doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank to go there. At least it shouldn’t in my book. O-ku has quality sushi (I put it on par with UMI) but is one of those restaurants you can still have a very romantic evening, yet you can return several times a year without feeling guilty for the expenditure.  

8. Well thought out wine list and cocktail program at O-Ku

  The cocktails and wine (and yes, beer if you want that too) are a fantastic compliment to the sushi offerings. The floral cocktails and Mai Tai-esque cocktail (Amarondo) are some that pair so well with the seafood offers and are light enough not to overpower them. I had a delicious white wine which is unusual for me but our server was so sure I’d love it, I didn’t hesitate when he recommended it. But how does that make for a great date night? No one is spending a ton of time choosing the perfect cocktail or glass of wine. You tell your server your preference and he is able to make a surefire winner of a recommendation. Easy peasy.  

9. Desserts at O-Ku are light (won’t leave you feeling stuffed)

  Oftentimes, I leave a restaurant and am STUFFED. I mean, I feel like I am going to pop. So not romantic, right? Well at O-Ku, the sorbet or Mochi won’t leave you too full. My favorite is the Mango Vanilla Creme Brulee. With a Black sesame peanut brittle and a mango topping it is light but still a sweet ending to your romantic dinner at O-Ku.

The sushi chef may even send out a surprise for you when you are dining like this spin on a tamale with papadew peppers!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out O-Ku in Midtown Atlanta