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Park 75 Chef’s Tasting Menu, Atlanta, GA

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Even with a seasonal menu, it can be difficult for restaurants to keep patrons coming back. Especially in a city like Atlanta, where the dining options are virtually endless, what can restaurants do to keep customers interested? Park 75 in the Four Season’s hotel seems to be coming up with new ways to keep customers intrigued. There’s a burger bar inside the kitchen which is available at lunch during Wednesdays. They do a rare cuts menu, featuring different cuts of meat. But the highlight is the Chef’s Tasting menu.

Park 75’s Tasting menu is a 7-course feast in which the culinary team prepares each dish based on your preferences. Love seafood? Vegetarian? Steak? Given ample notice (they take reservations up to a year in advance), they’ll create the perfect meal for you and your party. Wine pairings are included as well.

I didn’t give any specification before I dined there last month, instead letting the chef prepare the best meal based on what foods he’s recently acquired. I’d eaten light next to nothing all day in anticipation of this meal. The rolls and deviled eggs with bread and butter pickles could have easily done me in, but I paced myself for the six courses that lay ahead.

Crab Salad
I never met any kind of crab I didn’t like. And this with a hint of lemon and just a slight touch of mayo was delightful. Now for this, I cleaned the plate.

park 75 four seasons
Park 75 Chef’s Tasting Crab Salad

Lobster Pasta
Park 75 makes their pasta in house. It was served with large pieces of fresh lobster, hen of the woods mushrooms with a light butter sauce. Swoon.

park 75 chef's tasting menu
Park 75 Lobster Pasta

Duck Leg

Park 75 Crispy Duck Leg
Park 75 Crispy Duck Leg

Being a total seafood lover, I would have totally expected one of the courses above would have been my favorite, but the crispy duck leg was so juicy and perfect, it was the best of the evening. It paired well with the polenta cake served with it too.

What a colorful course this was. The verdant green scallions in contrast to potatoes and parsnip puree. The charred tomato and bright red steak. It was simply lovely.

park 75 atlanta chef's tasting menu
Park 75 Steak

We also had a scallop course and cheese course which are not pictured, but still worthy of a mention. Dessert, even though small, (7 courses people), still didn’t get the full attention it deserved. It was quite delicious but we were so stuffed by the time it came we only managed a few bites. I’m eagerly saving my dollars (I’ll need 150 of them) to return to the Chef’s table at Park 75. So worth a splurge now and then!

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