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Plan a Cheap Date without Being a Cheapskate

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The economy is not looking good and everything but your salary is going up. So you want to plan a nice date without it being completely obvious that you are trying to conserve your money. No problem. Here are 9 ways to have a fun date without breaking the bank.

Wine Tasting
Wine tastings are all over the city. Restaurants are doing anything and everything they can to lure customers in. Pick up creative loafing for a list of restaurants near you that offer flight nights. This is really common on Wednesdays. Don’t know what it is about Wednesdays, but that seems to be a popular night for these events. Oh, and the other good thing is, these restaurants don’t want people getting sloshed and driving home, so more than likely they will offer some free appetizers with the wine.

Creative Loafing Wine Events

Hike and Picnic
Why not get some exercise in while you are enjoying time with your sweetie? There are many hiking trails around the Atlanta area great for having a picnic. In Kennesaw/ Marietta there is Kennesaw mountain which has plenty of spots for a romantic picnic. On the other side of the city is Stone Mountain which really give you a workout if you climb to the top. Sweewater Creek State Park is also a great place to go hiking with very scenic views. There are even some old ruins from an old mill you’ll pass by.

Beer Tour
We are lucky to have Sweetwater Brewing in our backyard. Sweetwater Brewery opened its doors 12 years ago. If you haven’t tried it, Sweetwater is a very likable beer. They have their main beer, Sweetwater 420 and different seasonal brews.
Brewery tours are every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:30. They only last about 20 minutes, but part of the fun is hanging around in the parking lot and sampling beer. Make sure one of you doesn’t drink too much and remains the designated driver. Or plan on going somewhere nearby to grab some chow and sober up.

Drive in Movie
The only drive-in I know of in Atlanta is the Starlight Drive-In Theatre off of Moreland Avenue. It is $7 per person and includes 2 movies. Yes, that’s right 2 movies. So, why not get some fried chicken or some good takeout food that you enjoy and make a whole evening of it?

Have Coffee at an upscale place.
No I’m not talking about Starbucks.There are plenty of other coffee lounges around Atlanta to enjoy your coffee. There is Apres Diem (Midtown) and Carpe Diem (Decatur). Cafe Intermezzo would be my first choice though. It is hands down one of the most romantic spots to me. You can go and enjoy some damn good coffee and people watching. There are two locations – Dunwoody and Brookhaven. I prefer the Brookhaven location as it is a little more romantic but both have equally good coffee and desserts.

Silver Comet Trail
Another exercise date, the Silver Comet trail is a paved path that runs almost to Alabama if I’m not mistaken. Although you can walk on the trail, I wouldn’t recommend it has that can get pretty boring, even if you have someone’s eyes to gaze into.
Rollerblading is your best option. The narrow path is great for those you are pretty good at the sport. However, if you aren’t this is not the place to learn as it can get pretty crowded. And I’m sure you don’t want an audience for the first time you fall on your ass.
If Rollerblading isn’t your thing, than you could also rent bikes. Although it has been a while since I was on this trail, I believe there are bikes for rent at the entrance in Vinings.

Adult Store
Probably not the best idea if you are just starting to date or this is your first date. But Adult novelty stores can be a lot of fun. Before taking your partner, you should really get to know them a little and make sure they are up for it. They may be the kind of person who is pretty uncomfortable in those surroundings.
Besides toys, there are clothing (of sorts), gag gifts, funny cards, and a movie for every type of fetish. You can really get to know your date this way!!

Play Darts
Something about darts brings out the competitor in me. I don’t know what it is about darts, but I’m always out to win. The great thing about darts is that you don’t really have to have any physical skills to be able to play it. Just aim and throw. That’s about it. I guarantee some laughs while you and your partner go a few rounds. But as a tip, it really is great if you have about 4 playing so why not make it a double date? The rental of the darts is usually only 1 or 2 bucks. So it will only cost you that and the 1 or 2 beers you drink.

Taste of Festival
There is always one festival or another going on whether it be centered around crafts, food, etc, etc. These are always fun and cost almost nothing. Of course food festivals will cost some but usually not more than $10.

There are lots of cheap ideas. What have I missed? Please leave your comments and let me know?

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