Power Couples: Restaurants Run by Husband / Wife Teams Part 4

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In this series we are highlighting couples that own and run restaurants in Atlanta. We’ll talk about what it’s like to work together as a couple among other personal aspects. This week’s features is Cindy Shera and Todd Martin owner’s of The Shed at Glenwood and The Pig and the Pearl in Atlantic Station.

1.) How did you meet? Oddly enough, at work. Cindy Had just started with Here to Serve & Todd was a manager for RNDC.

2.) What is the first meal your spouse (the chef) cooked for you? Cindy was getting off of a close at work, and when she got to Todd’s house, he had grilled Blue Cheese stuffed filets and opened a bottle of Insignia. Cindy knew it was a match made in heaven.

3.) If you didn’t run a restaurant, what other business would you see yourselves doing? We are really going to start concentrating on the retail shops and trying our hands at online sales and retail products. We also often speak of becoming ex-patriots, and having a tiny dive bar on a beach. So I guess in essence…this is our destiny.

4. What is the hardest thing about working with your spouse? how do you turn it off. The hardest thing is that you never turn it off. It pops up in every conversation you have and interferes with quiet time (or eliminates it). But sometime we just run away for short trips to the beach, to the mountains….where ever and completely remove ourselves from the situation. It makes it easier to separate from for a while.

5.) What is the biggest challenge you face as a restaurant proprietor? Finding good labor. If we could solve that problem or just deepen the pool a bit, life would be ALOT easier.

6.) When you are not running your restaurant, what is your favorite thing to do?Todd is an avid runner, sometimes I worry he may never turn around and come back. Cindy loves sipping rose on the deck and watching her garden grow.

7. If you have a night off where do you like to dine? We had a meeting with our partners at Aria. It is one of our favorite annual meals. Great friends, unbelievable food & wine. That of course is no everyday stop since it is across town from us. We go to Soba for a quick meal, or Banh Mis on Burford Highway. We love cooking with our families. We both grew up around the kitchen tables. We find ourselves gravitating back to them often.

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