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Saba Oakhurst, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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So, we trekked out to the Decatur location. I did feel sorry for my poor friend, exhausted after a 26+ journey from Taiwan. But he was a good sport. Thank goodness the Saba Decatur location was more alive than Saba Emory. So, lively, in fact, there was a band. Not wanting to scream to be heard, we sat outside. Luckily the storms that had come through the area earlier in the day, carried away some of the heat and humidity when they left.

Made up of pastas and sandwiches, Saba’s primarily Italian menu has some unique offerings like Thai Ravioli with peanut and cilantro sauce as well as Vindaloo Tofu Spaghetti. Saba is great restaurant for vegetarians as there are lots of vegetarian options on their menu.

One vegetarian item I had to try was the Pumpkin Ravioli. It is offered as an entree rather than an appetizer. But I ordered it for the table to share, asking our server to bring it out ahead of the meals. It was a good choice, albeit, almost too sweet with it’s brown butter glaze. It was also a little on the dry side. I would have liked to see more sauce to the dish. But all in all, it was tasty and I was certainly not sorry I ordered it.

Caprese Salad:

We all had salads as well. Although they are technically sides for our meals, we asked that they come out with ahead. The plain salad as well as the Arugula salad ($0.50 upcharge) I ordered, while fresh, had no pizzaz. There was barely any dressing and I was hoping for at least a couple grape tomatoes or something, but nothing except some cheese. Glen ordered the Caprese salad a la carte which was the only salad that was exceptional in any way.

Glen opted for the Thai Ravioli with chicken. It was quite tasty. And not spicy at all as some Thai dishes can be. It is like your basic Pad Thai sauce put with Ravioli instead of Thai noodles. George, our friend, ordered the Wild Mushroom Ravioli in a garlic cream sauce. It was very bland and completely forgettable. I heard him mutter the words “Chef Boyardee” shortly after digging in.

I loved my sausage sandwich. It was huge and hearty – well worth the $8 bucks even without a side dish. I was expecting a sausage link on a hoagie bun or something similar, but what I got was ground sausage with onions and red peppers served up on two huge ciabatta buns. The bread here is insanely delicious and so fresh. I fully intended to save the rest of my sandwich but I couldn’t help but share with my dining companions.

It is kind of a shame Decatur is so out of the way, otherwise I could see myself spending a lot of fun evenings there. I enjoyed my evening at Saba, but it definitely is a neighborhood restaurant (read: if you live in Decatur worth visiting) but not a dining destination in my opinion.

350 Mead Rd Ste E
Decatur, GA 30030
770 906 0070

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