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Siam Square Thai Restaurant, Marietta, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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My first visit to Siam Square Thai Restaurant was back in the fall of 08 for a friend’s birthday. Our group of 6 visited on a Saturday. What immediately struck me about the restaurant was how beautifully decorated it was, almost begging you to forget it is in a strip mall. I love the stained concrete floors . They really add a nice touch. Candle lit tables make for a romantic evening at Siam Square, but it also works for groups too.

Since I like hot and spicy foods, I always tend to just stick with water for my drink as I know I’m going to drink a ton of it. Siam Square flavors their water with cucumbers which is extremely refreshing. So, on that first visit, I did have the spicy chicken and it was extremely flavorful. Since returning, I’ve sampled the drunken noodles – perfectly spiced and definitely hot enough to clear out those sinuses.

On my most recent visit, I had my favorite of all meals. First we started out with basil rolls and winter rolls. Winter rolls are fried basil rolls. What I liked about these was not just the fried part, but the sauce was more sweet than the regular basil rolls. Definitely a standout among the appetizers. We also tried the papaya salad. I don’t know if they made a mistake, but this is crazy hot. There should be some sort of warning just how hot and peppery this salad is. It was like eating a tsp of wasabi. Still tasty, but could have gone a little lighter on the heat.

For our entrees we had two terrific dishes: the green curry peppery catfish and the masaman curry with beef. If you like to share your meals so you can sample a couple different dishes, this is a great combo. One is hot and the other is pretty mild. The catfish was the hot one chock full of catfish nuggets, bell peppers and and eggplant, it was absolutely delicious. They also had lightly fried basil leaves that added yet another dimension of flavor and quality to the dish. And the beef masaman had a great flavor combination that runs circles around almost any other masaman curry I’ve had.

Our server was excellent! He was always around if we needed something but not pushy. Overall the staff seems very attentive about accommodating everyone’s special requests.

Siam Square is definitely a hidden gem in the Windy Hill area. While the prices are a tad higher than other Thai spots in Cobb (Lemon Grass, Fuji Hana), the quality cannot be matched by these other establishments.

1995 Windy Hill Rd SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 333-1700

Extras: I’ve been there for lunch and it is a great spot if you need to get in and out quickly.



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