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South City Kitchen, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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Although I have never been a fan of southern cooking, I am a fan of Fifth Group Restaurants. The group is comprised of South City Kitchen, Ecco, La Tavola, and El Taco. The Food Studio used to be a part of this group but has since changed to be only for private events. I was bummed as it was one of my faves in Atlanta. But as I think pretty highly of Fifth Group restaurants, I had been wanting to try South City Kitchen for a long time but just never made it there.

The best way I can think to describe the food at South City Kitchen is upscale southern. I don’t know about you, but my southern food experience was pretty much limited to Po Folks. Hmmm…no wonder I wasn’t crazy about it.

After we were seated, we were brought some cornbread and biscuits. Although I liked that there were actual pieces of corn in the cornbread, it was not sweet enough for me. I thought the biscuits were great though.

I thought we’d start out with an appetizer but as we couldn’t decide between the chicken livers (with ham and caramelized onions -yum) and the fried oysters we opted for both. The fried oysters were wonderful, and I’m sure if you acquire a taste of chicken livers they are quite good. But as this was my first time eating them, I was not terribly excited about them.

SCK - Fried Oysters
SCK – Fried Oysters

Onto the main course. I was having a really hard time deciding between the trout and the beef brisket. I enjoy trout and the cumin spiked sweet potato that comes with it sounded really tempting, but I decided to go for the beef brisket at the recommendation of our waiter.

SCK - Beef Brisket
SCK – Beef Brisket

That entree was fantastic! And the sides paired very well the brisket. Sides are scallion mashed potato pancakes and garlic collard greens with caramelized onions. I am not usually a fan of collard greens but the garlic really added to the flavor. Really a terrific meal. I am sorry to say that my friend’s entree was not so good. He had the Shrimp pasta which we both agreed was pretty pathetic.

SCK - Shrimp Pasta
SCK – Shrimp Pasta

Most of my meal was packed up as I was getting pretty full, but he insisted we get dessert. I made him order and we agreed to share the banana pudding and pecan pie. After dessert arrived, he casually mentioned that he doesn’t eat dessert. Thanks FB – I really needed to eat 2 desserts. 😉

Take it from me, the pecan pie is much better than the banana pudding. You won’t be sorry if you order that. And it is a small portion, which is good if you ate as much prior to dessert as I did.

SCK - Pecan Pie
SCK – Pecan Pie
SCK - Banana Pudding
SCK – Banana Pudding

I loved the wine I had, an Australian Cab, Paringa was the name if I am remembering correctly. And, for the price you just can’t beat it – $7 per glass. However, I think they are lacking in their offerings of wines by the glass. They only have about 6 or 7 reds that I can remember.

Service was pretty good. Prices are around $8 for appetizers and $20 for entrees which is what I would expect from Fifth group. I really think they should take the shrimp pasta off the menu though.

1675 Cumberland Pkwy SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
770 435 0700

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