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St. Cecilia, Buckhead, Atlanta, patio dining

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St. Cecilia introduces a new afternoon (Apero) menu

Oh you missed brunch on the weekend? Not to fret, as long you are okay with not having eggs. You will love the new patio menu, aka Apero menu, at St. Cecilia. The Apero menu at St, Cecilia has an assortment of apero fare inspired by the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain and France) with a bit of southern thrown in. The idea is to draw on this European theme of relaxing after a long day with a light, refreshing cocktail and snacks. Honestly, if Europeans eat like we did with this Apero menu at St. Cecilia, I have no idea how they stay so slim.

st cecilia apero roamilicious st cecilia atlanta restaurant design

Walking in on Sunday at 4 pm we were basically had the restaurant to ourselves. St. Cecilia is gorgeous, so it was pleasant being inside. But, y’all I LOVE patio dining. I was so hoping that we’d get some fall in the air and low humidity to enjoy the patio but it was not to be. I can’t wait to go back though for this.

St. Cecilia’s Apero menu includes Spritz cocktails and though the bartender recommended the Peach Aperol, I’m a sucker for St. Germain and so me and my date each got one. St. Germain was way better and had much more flavor, in case you were wondering. I’m intrigued by a white port and soda, and have earmarked that for a follow up visit. They are such a deal at just five bucks.

st cecilia new mediterranean menu roamilicious
Bruschetta and Assorted Salumi at St. Cecilia

At the top of the page you’ll see the from L to R the Arancini, Roasted Shrimp and Fritto Misto. The Arancini had was stuffed with smoked fish, and the shrimp were huge with a house made garlic and parsley garnish. I’d skip the Fritto Misto (unless I could choose all okra). See there’s that touch of Southern fusion.


Apero st cecilia atlanta roamilicious
Here’s the Octopus skewer with chorizo sausage

The octopus on chroizo on the “grilled” portion of the menu was incredible – I liked the chorizo better than the octopus but only by a bit. You know what else was amazing that you shouldn’t miss? The Squash blossoms. Why? Fried of course, they have a sweet flavor but are topped with an anchovy sauce that gives the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

mediterranean anchovies at st. cecilia roamilicious
You’ve probably not had anchovies like these before

Speaking of anchovies,  can we talk about them for a minute? Are you with the other 95 percent of the population that hates anchovies? Okay, so I thought I was too. I mean, the kinds I’ve had in the past were from cans or that kind my dad gets on his pizza that makes the whole thing a salt bomb.

While I’m not ready to say I’m an anchovy convert, these super fresh, lightly salted tiny fish certainly made me appreciate them more than I ever have. And hey, they are only six bucks on the St. Cecilia Apero menu, so not a huge investment if you don’t love them.

Not unlike the regular dining menu at St. Cecilia, the Apero menu  is divided into sections: Crispy, Cured, Grilled and Raw. Most St. Cecilia Apero items are between $6 and $9 with the raw being slightly higher (but worth it). Apero hour menu is available weekdays from 4 to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 6:30 p.m. See the full menu below.

st cecilia apero menu
The full apero menu at St. Cecilia available now

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