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Park 75 at Four Seasons Atlanta brunch buffet (Video)

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Executive Chef Michael Patria recommends pacing yourself and notes it is a marathon to dine at Four Seasons new brunch buffet.

It’s easy drive on the interstate get to get to the Four Seasons hotel, plus valet parking makes it so easy. No circling around for parking or walking a long distance from a parking deck. The toughest part (and it’s a cakewalk) is ascending the stairs to the second level of the Four Seasons hotel where the restaurants are located.

Note our meal at Four Seasons was complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own.
4 seasons brunch buffet
Sweet waffles beckon at Four Seasons brunch buffet

Friendly hostesses on either side of the stairs will greet you and look your reservation up on their iPad. It’s worth noting again: Pace yourself. The food options just keep going and going.  But here’s one tip you need to know make your way around and survey what you have as options before grabbing a plate and digging in.

Don’t have time to read my review of Four Seasons Sunday Brunch? Watch the video below.

The first section features breads (both sweet and savory), vegetables, charcuterie and lovely salads like goat cheese and endive artfully presented in martini glasses. Just beyond this,  you’ll find the chilled jumbo shrimp and crab legs. No need to worry about them on running out of anything as I saw this large tray replenished many times during out visit. Shrimp was excellent indeed but the crab was surprisingly bland.

Four sesons brunch buffet
Four Seasons brunch buffet features charcuterie, vegetables and salads to begin

You need to make sure the to get an adult beverage. Maybe it’s a bloody mary for even if you’re able to order a unique house made cocktail. Don’t forget there’s a band playing live music but it’s not so loud that you can enjoy the conversation with your dining companion.

four seasons cocktails brunch
L: Mixologist works on Mimosas, R: Gin Margot

The chef station at Four Seasons features more than just tasty omelettes. But what’s more than that is that they will cook pancakes and French toast for you as well. It’s always better to have these fresh then in a tray that’s been sitting around.  The pancakes were fantastic and the house made blueberry syrup was an added benefit. But wait….there’s more!

brunch gazpacho
Gazpacho at Four Seasons brunch

Perhaps you’ve taken Chef Patria’s advice to heart and are pacing yourself to try the variety of offerings. Or maybe someone in your dining party isn’t into brunch foods. I guess it could happen. A yet third section features hearty offerings like mason jars with shrimp and grits or gazpacho. There were octopus skewers, macaroni and cheese, plus a carving station of lovely prime rib.

Satisfied yet that you won’t leave hungry? If you don’t believe me how filling this buffet is, let me just tell you, my husband and I didn’t eat another bite the entire rest of the day. The last row, dessert,  are NOT something you’ll want to skip, with items you won’t find on just any dessert buffet. If you eat with your eyes, the purple glittery donuts, aka Ube donuts (pictured below) are a must. Not to be confused with taro, Ube is a popular Japanese sweet potato that is mainly used to make sweets.

four seasons brunch dessert
Ube doughnuts are just one of the unique finds on the dessert display at Four Seasons

Available on Sundays and it is $70 a person but special occasion it is a fantastic option perfect for a special occasion or great to bring out of town guests.

Four Seasons Atlanta

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