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Whiskey Bird in Morningside blends Asian and American flavors from owners’ travels

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What is a bubble waffle? Find out at Whiskey Bird

I’ll admit that’s what caught my attention when I first heard of Whiskey Bird, which replaced Timone’s in Morningside. I slipped in for brunch on a quiet Saturday morning. I just know once the word about this spot gets out, they’ll be long waits for a table at Whiskey Bird. The modern looking decor includes concrete floors and minimal decor. According to the Whiskey Bird site here’s the description of a bubble waffle:

From the street stalls in Hong Kong, bubble waffles are the vehicle of choice for a scoop of ice cream and the accompanying accoutrement. Bubble waffles are really exactly what they sound like – waffles with bubbles in them! So imagine a regular style waffle inverted from concave to convex. The waffle is essentially turned into this crispy pillow-y flexible piece of deliciously toasted batter. It’s light and fluffy while still giving you that little bit of crunch.

Pictured at the top of the page, the bubble waffle is shown with fried chicken. It’s also available a la carte with fresh fruit, nutella, whipped cream and syrup for those in the mood for a sugary brunch. You’re doing it wrong if you don’t order a Bellini at Whiskey Bird, served with mango puree and a Thai basil sugar rim.

brunch atlanta whiskey bird
Yakitori, WB breakfast sandwich, butter burger and bubble waffle at Whiskey Bird


There are nine different kinds of Yakitori on Whiskey Bird’s menu. These include vegetarian selections like mushroom or sweet potatoes but you can also get pork, chicken, shrimp and octopus. And it’s not just the same sauces, each kind gets its own sauce or glaze. I wanted to try a vegetable and ordered the mushroom, but the shrimp with the chimichurri sauce was the clear winner.

The Yakitori prices are quite reasonable, ranging from $2 to just over $4, but it’s a good deal given how many pieces you get. If you don’t want to decide go for the Yakitori roulette at Whiskey Bird, where the chef will pick four pieces for you. Or, taste them all for $27.

whiskey bird breakfast sandwich
The Breakfast sandwich comes with cheddar cheese scrambled eggs, applewood bacon and hash brown

We also sampled the butter burger, which comes with roasted mushrooms, white truffle, dill pickle, smoked gouda fondue. That’s a lot going on for a slider sized item, but surprisingly the meat wasn’t overshadowed and did shine through. Plus, the sliders are served on baos, soft, steamed Chinese bread rolls instead of regular buns, which is awesome.

Above is the breakfast sandwich. The modest name doesn’t do it justice. Scrambled eggs, cheddar, bacon and a hash brown all make it into this sandwich, which, by the way, comes on a soft, Alon’s bun. Dare I say, it rivals that breakfast sandwich at 8Arm that everyone in ATL is gaga over.

The Whiskey Bird blog is totally worth checking out too! It’s another reason why I love this spot. You can get insight into the chef / owners Anthony and Chad (DYK he opened Iberian Pig back in 2009?), find out about where they and their staff like to dine, and they even give you insight to their playlist, which is awesome by the way.


Whiskey Bird Website

1409 North Highland Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30306

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