Looking for airport Atlanta parking best rates? [here’s your cheat sheet for scoring low prices on parking]

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So much planning goes into a trip / vacation, but when it comes to parking at the airport, it is one of the last things most of us think about. Why? Airport Atlanta parking just seems like a minor detail in the big scheme of things right? But it can be unpleasant surprise after returning home to Atlanta from a vacation. So here’s the breakdown of Atlanta spots where you should park off site on your next trip.

All airport Atlanta parking lots off site are not equal. And it isn’t as simple as looking online for pricing. The best thing you can do is pay for your Atlanta airport parking advance instead of paying without a discount.

Peachy Airport Parking in Atlanta

This is a discount airport parking spot that also has some Groupon savings available. Rate are just under $10 for uncovered parking. Covered parking is about $13. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I know some people who are quite loyal to it. Peachy Airport parking at the Atlanta Airport website.

Wally Park Atlanta airport parking

I’m a new user of Wally Park for my Atlanta airport parking, but so far so good. The way to save with them is to book in advance. On a recent trip to Mexico my parking ended up being $26 when booked in advance on their site vs. the $53 it would have been if I had just driving up without a reservation at this airport parking lot for Atlanta.

What I don’t like about Wally Parking is their buses run much more infrequently than their competitors. This means that your will probably end up waiting in the queue line for the airport shuttle bus to take you from the Atlanta airport to this off site parking. To me the 10 -15 minutes I had to wait was worth saving the amount of money I did. Here is a link to the Wally Park website.

Do some research and be prepared when planning to park at the Atlanta airport

Pre-flight Airport Parking (not recommended)

I used to love Pre-flight parking and used this off site airport parking each time I would leave for a trip from Atlanta. That is until they sneakily raised their rates. Why sneaky? They force you to park in the covered parking at a vastly higher price point if you going to the Atlanta international terminal of the airport. We found this out after pulling into the lot. The simple time it took us (less than 10 minutes) to turn around, we were charged $3.

We reached out to Pre-flight for a response or reasoning for this policy and they stated they had to make up for the longer distance to the international lot and did have signs posted. However, they’ve lost my business for good and you should not park with them unless you want to pay through the nose for your airport parking.

Pre flight charged us $3.00 just to come in and turn around! 

Pre flight Atlanta Airport parking will gouge you!

Should I park at the Atlanta airport on site parking for my long term parking?

NO! Don’t park at the airport Atlanta parking lots – they are much more expensive than and far more difficult to navigate in and out of than using off site parking. Sometimes the parking at the airport fubars and the gates don’t work. I got trapped there for an hour after a long day. Plus, it can be long walk to get from the airport to this lot. But if you do the off site airport parking in Atlanta, you can take the short walk to shuttle which will drop you right at your car.

Is it more convenient to park at the airport Atlanta parking even if it costs more?

Again, no, I can’t think of a reason why anyone would prefer to park on site at the airport rather than use off site parking at the Atlanta airport. It costs more and it is a much further walk.


Hope you’ve found the guide to parking for the Atlanta airport helpful. Remember even if you are in a hurry, parking at the airport and navigating inside maybe take time, so heed these insider tips for scoring the best price on your Atlanta airport parking and make sure to know which airpot lots offer the best service too!

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