ATL Plus – Atlanta’s parking czars [here’s their sneaky trick]

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Updated News about ATL Plus and Downtown Atlanta Parking enforcement

Visiting downtown Atlanta? We all know it has just gotten worse – parking, panhandling and more. You would think the city would be so ashamed of how awful they’ve taken care of downtown parking would be free.

But beware! If you park at one of the many BROKEN METERS you are not out of paying. Your responsibility is to walk to another meter and pay. No, this isn’t a joke, if you don’t you will get a $35 parking ticket. 

What can you do if ATL Plus tickets you because you didn’t know about their sneaky trick? You can appeal if before payment is due. They may forgive the ticket or they may set a court date. But be wary, they are banking on the fact that you will not show up for your court date. What easy money for the city of Atlanta. This along with new speed cameras in Gwinnett are making ATL such a fun place to live (read with a sarcastic tone, obviously)! 

From Atlanta parking tickets to speeding tickets! Watch this video about Speed Camera tickets in Gwinnett:

Article about ATL Plus from 2017: 

I discovered them on a recent weekend in Midtown Atlanta. I was headed to dine at Bon Ton Boil House, where parking on the nearby streets is impossible to find. However, on the other side of Ponce we found an open spot. Seeing no meters, we were thrilled have to scored free parking.

Upon returning to our car we saw the dreaded ticket on the dash. Turns out, you must have a permit to park on the street. These permits are based on the surrounding apartment communities. Where was this information? It was in the mice type on a street sign. By the looks of the green and white tickets on most of the cars on the street, we weren’t the only ones this was news to.

atl plus parking enforcement atlanta

Here’s what your should know about ATL Plus

You have 14 days to pay the ticket of $25. After that the price doubles to $50.
If you choose to pay online, there’s the added convenience fee of $2.95.

I mailed my check in not wanting to give these swindlers a dime more than I owed them. Making sure your payment has been processed is not as easy as it would seem. In fact, the entire site looks like it was designed a couple decades ago. Emailing is futile as no one gets back to you. Considering all the money they are banking, they could afford a decent site and customer service. The only way you’ll know your ticket has been paid is when you search the system for it and it can no longer be found.

Bravo, Atlanta! Way to stick it to your residents. Just when you thought parking enforcement in Atlanta couldn’t be any worse, they are. The city of Atlanta has hired ATL Plus to gauge Atlantans even more!

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