15 dog-friendly Atlanta restaurants with patios you’ll love

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Don’t leave your dog at home when dining out. Here’s a list of Atlanta patios that welcome dogs.

Dog friendly patios list Updated November 2020

By Guest Blogger Cynthia Garcia

Fortunately, Atlanta has no lack of dog-friendly options. By one estimation number, there are over 100 in the city. Here are nine of the best places in town for you and your pooch to eat at:

Just because the warm summer months have ended and the weather has started to get cold here in Atlanta, it doesn’t mean that we can’t go out and hit some of the best pet-friendly patios in the city. And with the cold winter months around the corner, this could be the best time to take your family and pets out before it starts snowing. The cool fall weather makes eating at restaurants with outdoor seating and patios fun.

Luckily, Atlanta is home to some of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Georgia. Most pet-friendly patios in Atlanta have unique water bowls for dogs, with some having specialized outdoor tables. Others have a grassy patio where dogs can sit comfortably. So here are the top 15 restaurants for you and your pet to dine at:

Top 15 Pet-Friendly Patios in Atlanta

  1. Park Tavern – best dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: American

Location: Piedmont Park

Park Tavern is a great place to relax and enjoy a drink or a meal with your dog after spending the whole day with your pooch at the Piedmont Dog Park. It is the only bar situated in Piedmont Park, and it’s an excellent spot to enjoy live music and relax during the weekend. Park Tavern offers an excellent view of the Atlanta skyline and Piedmont Park.

The best pet-friendly patios should have more than enough outdoor tables and a watering station for pets. Luckily, Park Tavern has numerous watering stations for your dogs and 50 dog-friendly outdoor tables. Park Tavern’s patio is usually heated in winter, so you can drop in during your evening walk and enjoy a warm meal. And the fact that you have many tables means there is no wait time.

2. Ladybird dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Under the radar brunch spot – Ladybird

Cuisine: American

Location: Atlanta Beltline (Old Fourth Ward)

Ladybird is the first outdoor-oriented Pub to be opened along the Beltline at mile-marker 9.25. Therefore, you can walk off your food after you have finished eating. It’s a great place to stop after trekking for a few hours along the trail. This restaurant provides an elevated campfire cuisine for weekend brunches, lunch, and dinner. No wonder they were included in our best biscuits in Atlanta article

Ladybird focuses mainly on shareable foods that rotate according to availability. Ladybird has a beautiful patio that is pet-friendly so that you can enjoy your meals with your four-legged companion. Their beverage menu features local beer, wine, craft cocktails alongside sodas and homemade juice.

3. Dakota Blue dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: American and Mexican

Location: 454 Cherokee Ave SE

Dakota Blue is a beautiful neighborhood restaurant that is known and loved for its Mexican and American cuisines. Dakota Blue is one of the best places in the city where you can enjoy fish tacos, BBQ sandwiches, southwestern eggrolls, honey-chipotle wings, and chicken burritos. And the fact that this place is pet-friendly is a bonus.

Dakota Blue’s outdoor seating region is dog friendly so that you can enjoy a great meal with your canine pal. The restaurant has numerous water bowls for dogs of all sizes.

4. Grindhouse Killer Burgers dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Location: Piedmont

Cuisine: American

Situated along Memorial Drive, Grindhouse Killer Burgers is a unique pet-friendly spot that isn’t lacking in terms of outdoor seating areas. Grindhouse Killer Burgers has a unique Astro-Turf region with picnic tables on the right side of the outdoor bar overlooking the Piedmont Ave. The restaurant has even provided some water bowls for dogs, and since they know accidents can happen, dog owners are advised to clean after their pups.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers serves the best burger in the city in a fun and casual environment. So you can watch a movie or sports as you enjoy your delicious veggie, turkey, and beef burgers, shakes, chili, and hotdog. This place has a cult-like following and is loved by the locals.

5. Joe’s on Juniper dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: American and Mexican

Location: Juniper Street

As its name suggests, this Midtown tavern is situated along Juniper Street, and it serves a wide range of traditional American cuisine seven days a week. Its extensive cocktail and beer list perfectly complement its unique food menu. Joe’s on Juniper features one of the city’s favorite pet-friendly outdoor dining regions.

This tavern has a huge patio where you can enjoy a juicy burger while your pooch slurps a bowl of water. Besides its unique listing of delicious treats, this tavern has a fun and relaxing environment with servers who are always ready to keep you smiling and laughing. Some of the tasty offerings in this restaurant include Angus beef burger, tacos, buffalo chicken salad, Thai nachos, tacos, and sandwiches, among others. 

6. Neighbor’s Pub dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: Pub food

Location: St. Charles Avenue NE

Opened in 1985, the Neighbor’s Pub is an excellent neighborhood bar that offers an excellent selection of gin, scotch, bourbon, and craft beer. The establishment provides a relaxing atmosphere with a tasty menu and free Wi-Fi. And thanks to its huge pet-friendly patio with a capacity of about 160 people, Neighbor’s Pub is a great place to watch the local sport.

Neighbor’s Pub is a relaxed spot that offers all-day breakfast and team trivia meets every Tuesday from 8 pm every week. Neighbor’s Pub is one of the few places where you can enjoy delicious food, drinks and watch the local sports as your dog cools down during the hot summer days thanks to its huge fans.

7. Publico Tap and Kitchen dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: Latin America and Asian Fusion

Location: Crescent Ave in Midtown

Publico tap and kitchen is one of the top brunch spots in the city that serves some of the best tacos in Atlanta. This restaurant is more than just an average tacos spot; Publico is a proud dog-friendly establishment that welcomes leashed and friendly dogs and their owners. Their Latin-Asian cuisine includes spicy tuna roll burritos, poke bowls, and ramen dishes, among others. Publico has a unique grassy patio that was built with pets in mind; therefore, your pooch can relax, lay down, and sit as she enjoys plenty of water.

Publico Atlanta has a VIP filled menu for your pup that features freshly made treats; therefore, your dog can also enjoy a meal while you have your brunch. Plus, 100% of their sales from the VIP menu benefit the Atlanta Humane Society, so it’s a win-win situation for all pets and their owners who love them. At Publico, you and your dog can fill your stomachs and still give back to the Atlanta Humane Society. 

8. Treehouse Restaurant and Pub dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: Pub food

Location: Buckhead

Treehouse is an excellent restaurant that offers great attention to our canine pals. This establishment has a huge patio that is pet friendly, so you can enjoy a meal or drink with your dog slurping some water in a water bowl. Treehouse has an excellent selection of drinks and local cuisine like California Chicken that you can enjoy. Other foods on their menu include Salmon Benedict, Huevos Rancheros, and Buffalo Chicken. However, some people have complained about the restaurant’s fewer parking spaces and their service. 

9. Fetch Park and Ice House dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: Pub food

Location: Daniel Street SE

Fetch pack is the first full-service dog park in Atlanta that is situated in Old Fourth Ward near the Beltline. It is actually one of the most pet-friendly park bars the city has to offer. This restaurant features bark rangers to make sure your dog is playing nicely with other dogs. It also has a dog bath region, cooling station, free Wi-Fi, and outdoor TVs. But here are some few facts you must know before visiting Fetch Park:

  • All dogs below four months old are not allowed here
  • All pets over eight months old must be neutered or spayed
  • Your dog must be free of ticks and fleas
  • Only friendly dogs that are non-aggressive around stranger are allowed in Fetch Park
  • Your pooch must have received all his vaccinations
  • Your dog must be clean


10. Tuza Taco dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Tuza Tacos in Midtown have super tacos, but don’t miss out on the guac either!

Cuisine: Mexican

Location: Howell Mill Rd

Tuza Taco is a beautifully hidden restaurant in West Midtown that is known by the locals for its delicious tacos and margaritas. Tuza Taco has a lively atmosphere, and it can be a great place for anyone looking for hand-crafted margaritas. They have delicious tacos that feature beef, shrimp, and carnitas, among other delicious options. Tuza Taco has a small pet-friendly patio with ceiling fans to keep you and your canine pal cool.

11. HobNob dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: American

Location: Midtown

The name “HobNob” refers to a gathering or a celebration. And at this unique establishment, you will get to celebrate life with every smile, toast, and bite. So if you are looking for a refined tavern experience with a beautiful southern flair, then you should visit this restaurant and don’t forget to bring your dog.

HobNob offers a fabulous meal with numerous options such as shrimp and grits, loaded burger, and tiramisu French toast. No gathering in Atlanta is complete without Chicken and Waffles, and HobNob is very aware of it. Therefore, they will make sure you have fun and get to enjoy their chicken and waffle sliders.

12. Der Biergarten dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: German

Location: Luckie Marietta District

Der Biergarten offers the locals and visitors a true German experience right in Downtown Atlanta. Situated within Luckie Marietta District, this restaurant fills the city with affordable beer and exquisite German cuisines that are loved by most of the German population in the city. This establishment is made up of a white tablecloth dining room and outdoor and indoor beer garden. Der Biergarten has some comfortable patio seating for dogs. With numerous flat-screen TVs, Der Biergarten’s beer garden is the best place to enjoy both American and European football. However, you have to park off-site and walk for a few minutes to Der Biergarten.

13. Cypress Street Pint & Plate dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: Pub food

Location: Midtown

There are numerous dog-friendly gastropub and neighborhood bars in the city, but none does it better than Cypress Street. Cypress Street is a beautiful reminder of when servers knew your name, food was always hot, and drinks were cold. With over 40 bottle selections, 17 beers on tap, and a huge selection of spirits and wine, this establishment has become a local favorite.

Cypress has numerous pet-friendly outdoor tables where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your canine pal. This establishment features meals prepared using ingredients from local vendors. Some of the common meals you can enjoy here include shrimp and grit, fish and chips, burgers, and sandwiches.

14. Joy café dog friendly patio in Atlanta

Cuisine: American

Location: midtown

Joy Café is a great place that serves delicious southern cuisine prepared using some unique recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next Joy Café offers some of the most delicious southern meals that are preservative-free. Joy’s delicious meals will remind you of your mother’s meals. And the beauty of it all is that you can bring your pup to enjoy these traditional southern cuisines on their spacious patio.

15. New Realm Brewing dog friendly patio in Atlanta


Cuisine: Pub food

Location: Atlanta Beltline

New Realm Brewing is one of the newest sensations situated along the Beltline. New Realm is a trendy brewpub that also offers a wide array of tasty grubs and delicious brew. It is one of the most popular patios in Atlanta with live music, delicious food, and great beer. The New Realm Brewing has several pet-friendly outdoor tables where you can enjoy your day with your pet and family members.   

These are some of the top dog-friendly restaurants in Atlanta.

Our pets are more than just our companions; they are part of the family. Therefore, they deserve to tag along to outings. Fortunately, there are numerous pet-friendly establishments in Atlanta that have spacious outdoor seating areas for pets and their owners. Some of these places even have a VIP menu for dogs and a watering area. instead of leaving your pet alone at home every time you dine out, why not try one of these pet-friendly patios? 

Author bio: Cynthia Garcia: Cynthia is the editor and content creator at the Crazy Pet Guy. She’s a passionate pet rescue supporter and in her free time, she’s always looking for ways to help the community.

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