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Suntrust park is so much more than just a sports stadium. The spot features shopping and is a dining destination itself, with places like Antico Pizza, Ford Fry’s El Felix, Cru Wine Bar,  and others. Check out my overview of the best eats at Suntrust Park here.

But wait, there’s more! The Roxy Theatre is alive and well in the Braves Stadium at Suntrust Park and bringing in some big-name acts like Billy Idol in May.

roxy theatre review atlanta
View from VIP box seats at the Roxy Theatre in Suntrust Park

So I recently saw Walk the Moon at the Roxy and they are incredible. But let me tell you, getting VIP seats makes it phenomenal. Why? For starters, VIP seating comes with VIP parking. Not only is the venue right next to valet parking when you enter the deck, but the deck (orange lot) it right next door to the Roxy.

Don’t feel rushed to arrive or leave the concert early to beat all the other concertgoers out of the theatre. Plus it’s easy to access back to Windy Hill road to the interstate.

roxy theatre atlanta
VIP seating at the Roxy + the VIP lounge

But that’s just the beginning. Everything is shiny and new and it doesn’t feel crowded. Quite the opposite of when I visited Atlanta nightclub Johnny’s Hideaway recently. That place was packed to the brim and I shudder to think how many people would perish should they need to evacuate.

VIP tickets at the Roxy give you access to the VIP lounge. This spacious lounge features comfy couches, its own bar (don’t wait in long lines for drinks), and of course, music from the concert is piped in along with video monitors throughout the lounge.

food at the roxy theatre atlanta VIP
Snacks available during a concert at the Roxy Theatre

Though there are plenty of places to dine at Suntrust Park before a concert at the Roxy, if you don’t have time, don’t worry. We also were able to get a tray of charcuterie and cheese dip to share. While I wouldn’t make a habit of having this as dinner, it is a terrific option to add to your Roxy Theatre VIP experience.

roxy theatre review

You’ll see the VIP seats on the second level of the Coca-Cola Roxy on both the left and right.

Comfy chairs ensure a fun concert experience, though we didn’t spend too much time sitting as we were dancing and singing along with the band. I mean how can you not be jumping up and down when “Shut Up and Dance with Me” is going on. Right?

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