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The General Muir: Schmear Tactics

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The General Muir Emory Point General Muir jewish deli atlanta

The Misfit Foodies go mishugina (crazy) for the new Jewish Delicatessen, The General Muir! Chef Todd Ginsberg joins Ben and Jennifer Johnson of the West Egg Cafe for another popular and tasty venture. Ginsberg, a Jersey boy with a dream of opening a deli has moved on from Bocado where his Double-Stack Burger gained notoriety.

What’s in a name? The USS General C. H. Muir, AP-142 transport ship was launched November 24, 1944. The General Muir takes its name from this ship, boarded by Holocaust survivors, Jennifer’s mother and grandparents, arriving in New York following World War II. Hanging on the walls are photos of the owners’ ancestors. The restaurant honors and continues their food traditions.

Counter service or table service? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, cocktails, coffee or dessert? What a wonderful array of choices. I gathered with the Misfit Foodies for dinner at The General Muir. A few of them were gathered at the bar where we remained until more of our group arrived. Careful thought can be seen in the design of the bar and the libations. Fine wine and beer are available, however the house cocktails are not to be overlooked.

Matzo ball soup general muir atlanta Poutine with pastrami at the General Muir Atlanta jewish deli
Whaddya have? Well, it’s not that kind of deli. Everyone was warm and courteous to us. What I had was Matzo Ball Soup; herbs, vegetables, schmaltz, that would make your bubbe (grandma) proud. Getting this item right, I looked forward to the rest of my meal. Our table shared Deviled Eggs, Chopped Liver, Poutine made with gravy, cheese curds, pastrami (best ever), assorted pickled vegetables and baskets of bread. This was an excellent beginning. Appetizers plus the Double Burger Stack; red onion, pickles, lettuce, Russian dressing, American cheese, onion roll, fries, alone was worth the trip.

Burger at the General Muir Atlanta General Muir Atlanta Roasted Duck entree dinner
A fellow Misfit offered up a taste of Brisket. I wanted more flavor and I almost didn’t care as the Brisket was incredibly tender. The Double Stack was just as good as at Bocado. Skillet Crisped Trout with farro & celery salad, Jerusalem artichoke puree and sauce didn’t disappoint either. We loved the roasted duck which came with mashed rutabaga, pastrami, braised cabbage, roasted jus. Let it be known that each of us cleaned our plate.

You could visit the General Muir for desserts and coffee alone and not be disappointed as we found out with our dessert sampler. As if that weren’t enough sweets, we were sent home with super sweet stick buns for breakfast in the am.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Pl B-230, Atlanta, GA
Emory Point
(678) 927-9131

Writing and photography by Gregg Jarahian, Marketing and Social Media professional for Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits. He’s fond of libations, tasty food and friends to share them both with. Follow him @TowerATL.

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