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Where to Drink Absinthe in Atlanta

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The U.S. banned absinthe in 1912 due to hallucinogenic properties, but the potent spirit has made a comeback (legally). In the last handful of years, Absinthe has had resurgence. Although the green fairy, may not have the same effects as it did last century, Absinthe still has popularity and is served at several Atlanta restaurants and bars.

Absinthe cocktails have a strong licorice flavor, which most people either love or hate. The licorice flavor tends to be quite overpowering in many cocktails, and it takes a special talent to portion it just right for the perfect flavor. Here are several restaurants where you can expect a well-made Absinthe cocktail.

Publik Draft House
Probably the best Absinthe presentation can be found at Publik Draft House, with their Absinthe service. A dispenser with five spouts is filled with Absinthe and ice. The contraption comes with a cube of sugar set on a spoon, which dangles over a glass. As the Absinthe is slowly dispensed the sugar melts and it is poured into various glasses. It is drinks and a show all in one!

Prohibition at East Andrews
What’s cooler than drinking in a Speakeasy? When the entrance is via phone booth. But it’s worth the effort for their phenomenal drinks, especially the Absinthe based ones. Sezerac anyone?

While the European / Mediterranean food is a super choice whether on a date or to impress out of town guests, they also have a creative cocktail list that includes Absinthe. LA EMILIA MELA contains whiskey, cognac and Absinthe.

H Harper Station
H Harper Station, a former train station, is a beautiful space with terrific cocktails. With specials like The Amulet,” a mix of gin, apricot brandy, grapefruit, Pernod and Absinthe, you’ll want to pull up a stool and watch the action when this cocktail is made.


Absinthe cocktails at Publik draft house atlanta