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Beni’s Cubano, Marietta restaurant review

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Beni’s Cubano in Marietta – A shotgun style restaurant is small but is packed with bold flavors.

Up until now, if you wanted a decent Cuban sandwich in Marietta, the choice was the Cuban Diner – not that there’s anything wrong with that. I find it pretty good. I’ve been to Beni’s Cubano a couple times now – once for lunch and once for dinner and am definitely a fan. I love the decor too. I bet even in the middle of winter, if you step inside Beni’s with their latin music and lush decor, you’ll warm right up.

The first time I visited Beni’s Cubano, I devoured the Cuban sandwich (pictured above). It was extremely tasty but I found it to be pretty small. And that’s after ordering a starter of plantain chips. I’d promised my husband I’d bring him back the remaining half of my lunch, but it was so small yet tasty and I was so hungry there wasn’t one morsel left.

benis cubano marietta review
Plantain chips at Beni’s Cubano in Marietta come with an avocado dipping sauce.

A second visit was at dinner. Though we walked right in on a weeknight (I think it was a Wednesday), the small restaurant probably gets quite busy on weekends, especially on Saturdays after everyone’s been shopping at the Avenue, they probably pop in for dinner.

Benis cubano marietta east cobb review
Drinks are done right at Beni’s Cubano in Marietta

Skip beer and wine in favor of cocktails which Beni’s Cubano does very well. Cocktails are made fresh and range in price from $5 to $7. If you want a Cuban drink to go with your Cuban food, get a Cuba Libre or a Mojito. I got the latter and added the coconut flavor for the $1 upcharge. However, what I enjoyed more was the Hotel Nacional cocktail made with rum, apricot brandy and pineapple juice.

The menu at Beni’s Cubano is the same for both lunch and dinner. Pictured above are the plantain chips with an pineapple avocado dip. But the beef empanadas are a great choice as well.

Benis cubano marietta east cobb restaurant
Beef empanadas at Beni’s Cubano

Besides sandwiches, there are about seven entree choices to choose from. Don’t be deceived by the presentation, this is a ton of food! Entrees are served in ceramic bowls and look like there’s much less food than there actually is. Plus, they come with rice beans and Maduros (sweet plantains). One entree could easily feed two.

My go to menu item at a Cuban restaurant (after the Cuban sandwich of course) is Ropa Vieja. Serving the entrees in the ceramic bowls also ensures they stay much warmer had they been served on a regular plate. The Ropa Vieja was flavorful but not drowning in liquid as it is sometimes served. My only wish would have to have it minus the olives (I picked them all out) but overall, it was a tasty dish.

benis cubano east cobb restaurant review
Ropa Vieja from Beni’s Cubano
Benis cubano marietta east cobb restaurant review
Beni’s Cubano Shrimp Criollo

4475 Roswell Rd
Suite 1510a
Marietta, GA 30062

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