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Campagnolo: Quality Italian in Midtown

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Campagnolo Midtown Atlanta Campagnolo Italian Restaurant

Campagnolo, open for about a year, is located in the heart Midtown, near Piedmont Park. Chef Daniel Chance, with 15 years cooking experience, cranks out delectable pasta dishes and more. While the menu is Italian, he says he likes to sneak a little of his French cooking skills into the mix too.

You probably have had Daniel’s food before and not known it. His pedigree includes restaurants Pricci Veni Vidi Vici, Serpas, Two Urban Licks and Abattoir.

Calamari Campagnolo Midtown Atlanta
campagnolo chicken liver Atlanta
Chicken Liver Mousse

To start, they offer incredible cocktails. I don’t even care for martinis, but the Campagnolo martini hit the spot with it’s slightly sweet ingredients. While calamari may seem skippable as it is quite ubiquitous, don’t miss out, as this is definitely a unique version. A chicken liver spread is also quite delicious, served with shaved fennel, carrot, radish, and shallot salad. This flavor combination is outstanding and another appetizer you don’t want to miss.

campagnolo atlanta house made pasta campagnolo restaurant midtown atlanta
You can’t go wrong with pasta choices – the Orecchiette with sausage (above right), Fettucini with shrimp (above left) and the Lasagna, are all winners. Most pastas are house made as well. If I had to pick a favorite of the three we sampled it would the Orecchiette with sausage. Many of the pastas come in half portions – great options for sampling.

Georgia Trout Campagnolo Restaurant
For entrees, signature dishes include a Lamb Marsala and Trout with bacon sun-dried tomato pesto, fennel puree. The lamb is superb, especially when you swap mashed potatoes for the rosemary polenta. The slightly sweet polenta is the perfect balance to the lamb shoulder. Fish lovers will enjoy the fennel-laced trout (pictured above), and should expect a rather large portion too.

I was surprised that for an Italian restaurant, there wasn’t more of a selection of Italian wines by the glass, but nevertheless, I did enjoy the Valpocella I had. The other thing that surprised me was how inexpensive it is to dine at Campagnolo. Entrees like Lamb, Trout and Pork Shank are only around $17. And pastas start at just ten bucks. Considering the location, decor and quality of the food, I would have expected it to be much pricier. With fall just around the corner, put it on your list for patio dining.

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